Be a Good Freeboxer

The Mancos Free Box has been in place for just over one month and while it’s a great place for everyone to donate items and for others to pick up new(ish) treasures, it is still a living experiment. It’s up to all of us to keep the free box clean, organized, and fun for everyone.

Here are a few simple rules that we hope you will keep in mind when you visit and interact with the Free box.
We ask that all items be clean and in good, working condition. Please!

Please fold your items and place in labeled cubbies.

Please do NOT leave your items in bags or boxes next to the Free Box. Then, someone else will have to unload, sort and put in the cubbies.

Can’t fit your items in the cubbies? Please do NOT leave next to Free Box. Instead, for larger items, we ask that you please leave your contact info and post on the message board.

Right now the Free box is flowing with all kinds of useful items–mens and womens clothing, a cat litter box, like new rubber boots, and a variety of household items.
Stop by and check out all of the incredible items that have been donated.

Thanks again for your contributions and help to make the Free Box a place for all to enjoy!

Happy Free boxing!