Mancos FoodShare Team up with Mt. Lookout Grange

The Mancos FoodShare, a newly formed nonprofit dedicated to addressing hunger security in the Mancos Valley, and the Mt. Lookout Grange have joined forces to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to access healthy and local food.

Mancos-FoodShare-logoIn making this commitment, the plan is to incorporate a food storage area and a commercial kitchen at the Mancos Mt. Lookout Grange that will result in storage and food production for the less fortunate in the community.

Expanding upon this vision to build a garden and food pantry at the Mancos Grange, Mancos FoodShare will utilize this facility as a place where people can learn how to grow, can, preserve and cook their own food! This educational program is part of the long-term solution to help combat hunger in the area.

As part of this vision come-to-life, the Durango Leadership Program, Tiospaye, has made an incredibly bold commitment to raise $60,000 in three weeks contributing to this large scale build of a garden and food pantry on the Mancos Valley Mt. Lookout Grange.

This is a huge endeavor, and while we are confident that this will become a reality, we need your support. Anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.farming

You can donate directly through pay pal, or send a check to Mancos FoodShare. Here’s the link that will direct you to the donate page. They also have a list of items that they need for the build.

The Grange is excited about this partnership and the opportunity to help others gain access to healthy, local food. We hope you will take a moment and contribute today.

Mancos FoodShare is proud to be a project of Mancos Valley Resources 501c3. All donations are tax deductible.