Rental Rates

REGULAR RENTAL RATES: MAIN HALL & DINING HALL TOGETHER$75/hour for the first four hours                     $50/hour for additional time

*If you are having a party, you need to rent the entire hall. All party food and drinks need to stay in the dining room. 

**Please specify the exact time you need for your rental – include the time you will need for set up and tear down/clean up in your request.

DINING HALL ONLY – for meetings/classes

$50/hour for the first four hours;                  $20/hour for additional time

Please specify the exact time you need for your rental and include time to set up and tear down.

Community**  MAIN HALL:    $25/hour

DINING HALL:  $15/hour

Community Benefit rates apply ONLY to activities that are promoted to and being offered for FREE to the community. Being a non-profit organization does not automatically allow you the discounted rate for use of Leedy Grange Hall.

Memorial Gatherings:  $100/four hours of use of the entire hall. For additional time/rates please contact the rental manager.
Security & Cleaning Deposit  $350 – Non alcohol events                                         $1000 – if Alcohol is being served                  Refundable if building is left properly cleaned and in the same good condition as at the start of rental; key returned
Long-term rental rates on request.

**Community Benefit rate applies to SOME community groups, non-profits and other community-benefit organizations and activities (IRS non-profit not required) that are consistent with Grange values. 501 exempt status is not a determining factor. If your activity mainly benefits your members, and not the greater community, it probably won’t qualify. Contact us for more information.