Building FAQ

Seating: We have 47 metal folding chairs that can be used in the main hall or the dining room. There are a number of wooden benches around the perimiter of the main hall, they may be moved to form theater-type seating around the stage. There are a number of wooden chairs in our storage area (30-40) that may only be used in the dining hall.

Tables: We have 16 8-foot-long plastic utility tables, and six 6-foot-long tables. They may be used in both the main and dining hall. 

Food & Drinks:  All food and drinks need to stay in the dining hall. The wood floors in the main hall are the original fir floors and are more than a century old.  We do not allow food and drinks on the wood floors. 

Kitchen: our kitchen includes a triple sink, a normal home-type stove and refrigerator, and a grill top. You may use them during your rental but must bring all your own utensils. We do have large coffee percolators and a water jug you may use. You must clean the kitchen thoroughly and take all your trash with you.

Technology: We have wi-fi. Let us know if you want the password when you rent the space. We have NO sound equipment or any other A/V equipment for public use, although you may be given permission to hook up to our speaker system.

Parking: there is adequate parking just outside the hall. Additional parking in the Thriftway lot and across the street.

Handicapped access: the front door of the hall is accesible via a ramp. All rooms are on the same level. The restrooms are not ADA but are usually adequate.

Cleaning supplies and equipment: we have brooms, mops etc. and you may use our cleaning supplies. You are welcome to bring your own, however. See Rental Checklist for details.

Questions? Please fill out our Rental Inquiry form or call 971-226-1119 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.