Rental Information


Rental Manager: Cynthia Hively – 971-226-1119 or email us at [email protected]

If you have a smaller event that can fit in one of our two rooms, you may apply to use only part of the hall if the other part is used by another renter. Example: Martial Arts in the main hall, you can still rent the dining area.

NOTE: no alcohol is allowed inside or on the grounds of the Grange Hall—no exceptions! If we find evidence of alcohol use, we will keep your security and cleaning deposits and suspend your right to rent the hall in the future.

Food at Leedy Grange Hall: if you are serving food to the general public (not just invited guests) or if you are selling food to anyone, you need to obtain a Washington County Temporary Restaurant License. More information on the Washington County website.

Financial Deposits:

We require a security deposit, a cleaning deposit, a key deposit, and an insurance rider (see below) previous to the time of rental, along with the rental payment. For deposit rates, visit our rates page.

Once your rental has been approved, you should print and fill out the correct Rental Document and submit the forms, along with your insurance rider document, and the check for the deposits, at least two weeks before your rental to ensure your reservation. We will cash all checks at that time. We will refund the deposit if the hall is in the same condition as when you rented it and we find no evidence of violations of our terms, within 30 days of your event. See Rental Checklist for the duties of a renter.

A few days before your rental, we’ll meet you at the hall to give you instructions on doors, heat, etc. and we will then lend you the key. When your rental is finished, we’ll arrange to meet and inspect the hall.

*Security Deposit returned if no problems are found with the hall after rental. Cleaning deposit refunded if Hall is in the same condition or better than when it was rented. Key deposit returned if key is returned. All deposits returned within 30 days of rental.

**Community Benefit rate applies to SOME community groups, non-profits and other community-benefit organizations and activities (IRS non-profit not required) that are consistent with Grange values. Not all “501” organizations qualify. If your organization mainly benefits your members, and not the greater community, it probably won’t qualify. Contact us for more information.

***Insurance rider, also called “Additional Named Insured,” in the amount of $1 million covering Bodily Injury and Property Damage, is required to protect the hall during the time you are using it. Contact your homeowners’ insurance provider for information. These are usually not very expensive, around $50 for “invitation-only” events. Public event insurance often runs around $300. We need to have a document specifically listing Leedy Grange Hall and the date(s) of the rental.

Questions? Please contact Cynthia Hively, Rental Manager, at 971-226-1119 or via email.