Jesse Newsom Scholarship

Jesse Newsom Committee Rules and Regulations
Committee Guidelines:
1. The Committee is allowed to give out $3,000 dollars in scholarships a year, with no one applicant receiving more than $1,000. They may hand out as many scholarships as they see fit. Only one Scholarship recipient may be a post 3 years of High School Graduation, all others must be within three years of their High School Graduation.
2. Scholarships will be awarded no later than Aug. 15th or before.
3. Loans will be made in the amount of $500 each semester, with a maximum of two loans per year. Interests on Loans will be 3% while in school, and 6% after graduating or leaving school. Interest will be calculated on January 1 of every year. Loans will be prorated if taken out in the middle of the year.
4. The Committee will send a yearly report every January to each Grange, detailing who has loans or outstanding accounts, their contact information, and enrollment status. It will then the responsibility of said Grange to keep the Jesse Newsom Committee updated on each-loan recipients current contact information, and enrollment status.
5. Applications received after the due date will not be counted on that years applications, but will be held over till the next year, NO Exceptions!!!
6. The Committee must meet with the State Executive Committee prior to State Session or their meeting the day before State Session to be audited.

Scholarship Applicant Rules:
1. Applicant must be a Grange member for at least two year.
2. Applicant must send in completed scholarship application and transcripts no later than June 15th, scholarships after the deadline will be held over till the following year.
3. Scholarship Applications can be turned into any Jesse Newsom Trustee.
4. An applicant may only receive one scholarship in their lifetime. They may apply more than once.
5. Applicant must be attending an accredited and recognized institution of higher learning.
6. Applicant must inform the Jesse Newsom Committee and their respective Grange of their enrollment status, current address, phone number, email, and other contact information

Loans Rules:
1. Applicant may receive up to $500.00 each semester, with a maximum of 2 loans per year.
2. Applicant can only take out a maximum of 8 loans for a 4 year program, and 4 additional loans for graduate work.
3. Loan applications can be turned in to any Jesse Newsom Trustee.
4. Loans must be promptly repaid, starting 6 months after graduation or leaving school. Loans must be paid back on a monthly payment schedule, with the minimum payment being $25 a month.
5. Applicant must retain his/her Grange membership in order to keep an open loan account; if applicant drops their membership in Grange, their loan will be due immediately.
6. Any Grange member is eligible for a loan to attend an accredited institution of higher learning, regardless of age.

Below are PDF files for the Scholarship and Loan        

Jesse Newsom Scholarship Application

Jesse Newsom loan form