2024 Agricultural Contest

Everything must be home grown except as noted.

Field Crops

1 quart of Shelled Corn

1 quart of Soybeans

1 quart of Any other grain in Ziplock bag

5 Ears of Field Corn

 1 – the longest ear of corn


4 Apples, Red or Yellow


3 Uniform Irish Potatoes

Tray full of Vegetables (11” x 17” Cardboard Tray Only)

1 Most Unusual Vegetable

Outdoor Flowers

Bloom of Zinnia

Any other flower bloom, Geranium, Cockscomb, Sunflower, etc.

Winter Arrangement

Decorated Flower Pot

Other Categories

6” Pumpkin painted or decorated (NOT carved)

Best pumpkin – asymmetrical, free from blemish

Painted gourd

Decorated flower pot

Indoor Plant

Potted plant (max 6″ pot)


6″ (+ or – 1″) real pumpkin painted or decorated (not covered)

Junior Category

Adult Category

Best real pumpkin- asymmetrical, free from blemish

*pumpkins my be purchased but must be decorated by Grange Members

Pineapple Plant

1st year best looking plant

2nd year best looking plant with pineapple fruit

Ross Smith 

email: [email protected]

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