2024 Community Service Program

The National Grange is pleased to announce its continuation of recognition and support of State Grange Community Service Programs.  Community Service is an integral part of the Grange that allows local members to interact and serve the communities where they reside. The National Grange will continue to recognize winners and participants on the state level.

The National Grange will provide the following:

  • 1st, 2nd 3rd, and 4th place certificates for winners in all states.
  • Participation Recognition Certificates for all Subordinate Granges submitting final reports in your Community Service Program.

1) Grange Community Service Books
a) Turn in books before State Grange
b) Include write-ups, pictures, newspaper clippings, flyers, thank you, etc. for each event
c) Be descriptive and detailed.
d) First four places are rewarded.

2) Community Service Project Booklet
We are making a booklet of community service projects. We are looking for submission through the year and will hand out the booklets at State Grange 2016.
Please include:
a) Title of Project
b) Target Market
c) Description of Project
d) List of Estimated cost
e) Result, if you actually do this event
f) Contact info, of the person in charge

3) Community Service Project Ideas
a) Food/Clothing Drive
b) Bingo (on or offsite)
c) Dinner
d) Easter Egg Hunt
e) Help Elderly Go Shopping
f) Host Holiday Party for nursing home/kids home/etc
g) Benefit Breakfast/Luncheon/Dinner
h) Blood Drive
i) Donate to Local Charities
j) Dictionary Project for Local Schools

If you have any question please call me, mail your reports to:
Susan Plank
7843 S.  US Highway 231
Brookston, IN 47923
Phone 765-414-4153

Printable PDF file: