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Stephanie Kniestedt, Equine Basics 

Learn about riding basics, horse fundamentals, hoof care, diseases, basic horse care and more. Owning a horse is not required. 

Sharing a little background about me. I never knew how much I loved horses until my Mom introduced me to them when I was about 12 years old. We acquired our first horses as a family and my very first love was a Tobiano, Quarter/Arabian mare named Lady. My Mom signed me up with 4-H and I grew up riding endless trails in California where we resided until we moved to Silver Springs Nevada in 2004. 

Through my childhood years I had joined many horse clubs in the area, attended many different clinics, participated in parades and then joined the Pony Express. If it pertained to me riding I would join and learn as much as I could. I have pushed cattle, volunteered for organizations to lend a helping hand and spent most of my days in the barn. After homework of course. As time went on I always knew I wanted my career to be with horses. I became a Hoof Care provider in 2012. I wanted to improve my education so after my first born I started online studies. I have my certification in Equine Massage of Shiatsu through the Geary Whiting program. If you ever want to check out his web page there is a full bio of me on there too, I have met many veterinarians over the years to this day work with many of them as my passion is rehab. I then furthered my education on horses hooves. Pete Ramey, pathology, school of Okanagan of natural hoof care, following Alicia Harloy and more. I apprenticed in person under a few different farriers. Some may have heard of me through the business name Kniedstedt Equine Massage & HoofCare. In between times I have given riding lessons, I have been training horses. I have continued to educate myself and along with taking lessons for myself more so for behavioral horses. The knowledge shared can never end as I love sharing my passion with everyone as many share the same love.