Youth Leadership & Public Speaking

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Meet our instructors:
Suzann Gilliland Peterson: Commercial recreation management; administrative support; personnel placement; youth leadership instruction
Daniel Peterson: Captain, United States Army where he taught Military Leadership to career officers; Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA); owner of D&S Services TV Repair Shop, Fallon; youth counseling; youth leadership instruction.

Program Description –
Eight-week course providing teaching and practical application in communication and
leadership skills with the goal of graduating students with greater confidence and ease as
effective speakers and leaders. Students will learn the following skills:
 Prepare and deliver speeches
 Practice impromptu speaking
 Evaluate speeches and your progress
 Review principles of group discussion
 Develop listening techniques
 Participate in competitions
 Assume officer positions and responsibilities
 Coordinate and lead weekly meetings
 Create weekly agendas
 Prepare meeting minutes

Meeting Time –
To be determined