News for April

            Saturday 27 April, our Pomona meeting at Abernethy Grange, we are asking that you bring donations for the Veterans’ Village.  Always needed is paper products;  paper towels, toilet paper, paper plates.   Seems that sugar, butter and coffee go pretty quick also.  ( no decaffeinated coffee as not a single veteran at the village goes for it. )  Also needed is the type of hand soap that goes in a dispenser.  Other: toiletries, clothing ( men & women )

We want to make a big impact with our presentation after the Pomona meeting.   If cash is your thing, the committee will buy what is needed most at the village.


       Redland Grange is spearheading a visit to the Clackamas County Commission  meeting on Thursday 4 April.  The meeting is at 10:00 am. at the county offices in the Red Soils complex.  A proclamation declaring April as Grange Month will be read at the meeting.    We would like to impress the commission and the TV audience with a good turn out.   See Georgene for more information.


             5 May is your Candidates Forum.  At Abernethy Grange.  1:00 pm the Grange will open with nachos and time to meet n greet.  2:00 pm the forum begins.   The legislative committee is asking each Grange to bring at least a dozen home made cookies   more is better.

              See Dan Keeley for more information.

Don  Kingsborough,

Community Service Committee