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Welcome to the Clackamas County Pomona Grange Website.

The Pomona Grange is composed of the 16 Granges in Clackamas County and their members. The voting members are those members who have taken the 5th degree initiation ceremony and are in good standing in one of the Community (also called subordinate) Granges.

This Pomona Grange is focused on assisting the Community Granges achieve success and to carry out the projects that deal with Clackamas County in nature.  It is also charged with legislative matters such as bylaws and review of resolutions for the state convention.

President/Master,  Joyce Parker  and  Secretary  Celia Fox  may be contacted through the contact form below or all officers contact information may be found on the Officers page (password protected, use current pomona word)

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 October 23 2023-  Pmona Visitation toSpringwater Grange; Harding, Garfield and   Eagle Creek visiting

 October 28, 2023 Maplewood Grange ….  Harvest Festival and Pasta Dinner

             3 – 6:30 PM – By donation, proceeds to local delinquent school lunch accounts

October 28, 2023  Pomona Grange Meeting  at Garfield Grange

              9:30 a.m. – Meeting   12 Noon – Lunch $5.00   1 p.m. Lecturer’s Program w/                          Pumpkin Contest

Harding Grange Turkey Dinner Sunday November 12, 2023

       Take out only, Serving from 11 am – 3:00 pm
       Turkey, dressing , mashed pototes and gravy, green beans, rolls, cransberry sauce and         a choice of  dessets.
       Price: $15.00 for those 12 and above,  11-6 years old $10.00   and under Free

 Pomona Meeting January 27, 2024 at Beavercreek Grange
              9:30 a.m. – Meeting   12 Noon – Lunch $5.00\    1 p.m. Lecturer’s Program

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