Welcome to the Clackamas County Pomona Grange Website.

The Pomona Grange is composed of the 16 Granges in Clackamas County and their members. The voting members are those members who have taken the 5th degree imitation https://datingstatus.com/es/ ceremony and are in good standing in one of the Community Granges.

This Pomona Grange is focused on assisting the Community Granges achieve success and to carry out the projects that deal with Clackamas County in nature.

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The Minutes of the October 2020 meeting have been posted


Pomona Grange Social Meeting  February 27 at 7:00 p.m. via the Zoom platform, Grange members will be invited to a social even in place of the Fifth Degree https://datingstatus.com/ar/ Conferral. Zoom invite will be available in mid-February. All Grangers and their guests are encouraged to attend.

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