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Updated April 28, 2018 – Charlie Bowser Memorial Scholarship

Charlie Bowser Memorial Scholarship app

Download the  Scholarship application. Email to Chair Jan Oleson at [email protected] or mail to Jan Oleson, 904 Meadow Drive, Molalla 97038 by July 1, 2018.

Charlie Bowser Memorial Scholarship Fund Adopted 2018-4-28

Membership Ideas


Hashtags are the pound sign # and a single word or combined words that enable people to track posts in social media. There are no spaces and when used are only the # and the immediate letters that follow. Hashtags are commonly used in twitter and Facebook and other social media.

If you were to search #Grange any post that had that hashtag would be found and propagated into your list.

There are two reasons to use hashtags:

First, To track who is talking about the Grange or a specific project or topic.

#ClackamasGrange #GrangeInvolves #GrangeisFamily #GrangeLeaders #GrangeTeaches #GrangeYouth #Grange150

The second reason is that you use a hashtag that is specific to the audience or community that you desire to reach. You get noticed because of a project or topic.

#CommunityLeadership #HealthyCommunities #CommunityInvolvement #FamilyFocus #YouthLeaders

During the Membership report at Pomona Grange, (Garfield Grange on July 23 at 10 am) we will discuss selecting two hashtags which we will ask that the Grange members of Clackamas County to focus on, one to attract outside attention and one to use to track our Granges efforts to raise awareness through social media. Please come and share your input.

Membership Wanted

I’ve been asked for years about how to get members to join.

First: Talk about why you want members. Do you want to make new friends? Have more fun? Perhaps you want more hands to help with projects or even need some more people at the meeting or to serve as an officer. Have a discussion about why you want a member and you’ll find things that you want, but you know a new member will not agree.  Eliminate these reasons and focus on the important things. Remember that the top reasons people join organizations like the Grange are Friendship and Fun.

Second, brush up on the 4 steps of recruiting.

  1. Set the stage – talk about the Grange in a positive way, wear Grange apparel, have a booth at a community event, or hand out brochures explaining the Grange, the opportunities are endless. When they ask what the Grange is, give them your elevator speech.
  2. Listen – Ask leading questions and listen to them. Find out what their interests are, what they view as the important issues in the community, or what they are missing in their life. Find out at least one need in their life or one issue that they’re worried about in the community.
  3. Fill the Need – Share with them how the Grange can fill the need that they’ve identified. Remember it is about them, not you.
  4. Ask Them to Join – Give them the opportunity with a question that requires a yes or no answer. No pressure, just be a friendly person wanting to help. We are giving them an opportunity to join an organization that will empower them. If they say no, make sure that they have a brochure and know that you hope they’ll continue to help out in the community.

Third, Take a look at your meeting. Is it fun? Is it efficient? Are we showing people that we value their time?

A good checklist to consider is as follows:

Do you take pride in your opening and closing? Are you proud of it, or do you need some practice?

Do you follow the agenda? Do members know that certain things happen first and other things happen later at every meeting? Does every member know that they will get a chance to contribute and there is a time for everything?

Is humor and fun a part of every meeting?

Do you have something accomplished at every meeting so that members feel that they’ve done something useful?

Do your members view the meeting as a chance to be with friends or something they want to do?

These are some thoughts that your members can discuss and will lead to more opportunities for new members and retention of current members.