April 14, 2018 – Grange Month

Pomona members and Redland members attended the April 12 Clackamas County Commissioners meeting where April was proclaimed Grange Month by the Commissioners.

Also, Eagle Creek Grange was at an Estacada City Council meeting where the Council proclaimed April as Grange month.


March 23, 2018 – Minutes

Download the draft January Pomona Minutes

Download the draft February Pomona Minutes


March 6, 2018 – Scholarship applications are available.

Download the Charlie Bowser Memorial Scholarship app


February 13, 2018 – Afternoon of Learning

Clackamas Pomona Grange hosted an afternoon of learning on Sunday, February 11 at Clarkes Grange with the subject of Teams for Grange Membership.

The afternoon began at 1:00 p.m. with the question, “Why is membership important?” The group determine that membership is important for:

  • Today
    • Our current Members
    • Our Friends and Neighbors
    • Our Community/State/Nation
  • Future
    • The Next Generation

The group discussed the value that the Grange brings to each of the groups and felt that any were good reasons to focus on membership.

Next the question of what “The Elements of Sustainable Growth?” was posed. The group came up with the following:

  • Members engaged and enthused
  • Grange is welcoming and open – members enlarging their comfort zones – The Grange is ready for new members
  • Membership is a priority for leaders and members
  • New members on a regular basis

The next section was on recruiting new members. The group discussed the need for every member to be part of the membership recruitment effort.

Then the 4-steps of membership recruitment were covered. The four steps were explored and why each step is important to effectively recruit new members. The steps are: 1. Set the stage. 2. Listen. 3. Fill the Need. 4. Ask. The section was completed with several members practicing the steps with role playing.

The group enjoyed a break with some coffee and cookies. The members talked with other on various aspects of membership.

The next membership topic was retaining members. The focus was having a healthy Grange that meets the needs of members. The need to ensure that members are being satisfied by their membership was discussed.  The Grange needs interaction with the community to be successful and the there was a great deal of discussion. The section then moved into the importance of having harmony and team spirit among the Grange members.

A series of programs that Granges could use were presented.

  • Revitalization and Invigoration of My Grange – The Triple A Approach
  • Save My Grange
  • Don’t Gamble with Your Granges’ Future
  • Start a Fire Burning in Your Grange
  • Good or Great
  • Appreciative Inquiry

The group talked about each program and some of their similarities and different approaches.

The next section was on new Granges. The goal is to have Granges in communities currently not served by a Grange. Points mentioned was that placement of new Granges should infill the currently Grange jurisdiction rather than be random. Existing Granges need to be part of the team expanding the Grange instead of viewing new Granges as competition. The question of where to place new Granges in the county was posed.

The final section of the afternoon was on growth with teamwork. The following points on building teams was made.

  • The Leader Sets the Boundaries and Shares the Information
  • Each Member is Responsible to Help Make the Decisions & Develop the Plan
  • Success is Due to the Team Making and Carrying Out the Correct Decisions
  • Genius with Helpers vs Team were all have an important role.

Each participant had an opportunity to share their ideas or make a comment. Door prizes were given out and the afternoon of learning was concluded.


February 4, 2018 – Afternoon of Learning

Clackamas Pomona Grange hosted an afternoon of learning on Sunday, January 28 at Redland Grange.

The afternoon began at 1:00 p.m. with the question, “Why do we have meetings?” The group determine that the meeting was to:

  • conduct the business of the organization
  • provide a social connection for the members
  • offer educational opportunities
  • and to make decisions on the direction and action of the group.

Next the question of “Why don’t people attend?” was posed. The group came up with the following:

  • meetings too long
  • boring
  • members are busy
  • transportation issues
  • work
  • sports events
  • conflicts with other activities
  • health of members
  • and other excuses.

Each was talked about and the group determined that some were just excuses, and others were solvable problems. None of them were insurmountable.

Then four Pomona officers offered their view of how their Community Grange counterparts could help.

Secretary: It is important to be organized, have what you need ready for the meeting so that you’re not hunting through piles for the next item. Take notes, be exact/precise for the minutes. Do not include extra details. Communicate through email, text messages, postal service mail, or other ways that your members desire. Also, to stay in communication with the Lecturer and Master so that all are aware of upcoming ideas at the next meeting or to promote upcoming speakers or issues to the members. Be ready to read the quarterly report and to then send it off promptly. The oversee the dues collection process. It was suggested that it is good to have members help the secretary in their duties.

Lecturer: Easy to have fun in this position. It is important to know your members and their talents. Be organized, even if you only get organized the day before. It is important that you have something at every meeting, even if only for a few minutes. Encourage connections between members.

Chaplain: Should provide spiritual leadership. Communicate with the members who are ill or have been affected by a death.  Conduct an annual memorial program. Be prepared for prayers. Celebrate milestones of members. Always have a small supply of cards on hand for unexpected use.

Master: The Master is the facilitator of the meeting and members wishes. They don’t debate, make motions, or otherwise participate directly in the meeting. Need to be paying attention to the members in the room. The Master is also a team builder. It is critical that when teams are formed that they are giving the opportunity to carry out their task as they see it. The Master should stay in touch and provide help, but never micro-manage the team.

The group took a break and enjoyed refreshments provided by Redland Grange.

The second half of the conference began with a discussion of why the Grange has ritual work. The group determined that the ritualistic work of the Grange has three main purposes. It provides a common identity, it serves as a reminder to members why we’re here and that it is a Grange meeting, and it allows the members to develop pride in themselves and their organization.

Then the members walked through the opening ceremony, presenting guests, balloting for candidates, the welcoming ceremony, and then the closing ceremony. Many questions were asked by the group and all gained a better understanding of how to do these things.

The afternoon wrapped up with some questions and answers and the group expressed their pleasure with the opportunity to learn during this afternoon. The last thing of the afternoon was the presentation of door prizes.

February 3, 2018 – Newsletter

Clackamas Pomona Grange Newsletter—February 2018
The January 27, 2018 business meeting was held at Beavercreek Grange.
Suzy Ramm was appointed Facebook Administrator and will develop a Clackamas Pomona Grange Facebook page.
The Grange Builder Program will be discontinued.
Two Pomona Luncheon tickets will be given to each Subordinate/Community Grange to be used for each upcoming Pomona Grange meeting.
All future Pomona Grange meetings (excluding July meeting) will break from 11:30am to noon so members can connect with each other and Subordinate/Community Grange Masters can review resolutions if there are any.
Sam Keator, Washington/Yamhill County Pomona Master is needing help with filling officers to exemplify the 1st through 5th degrees on Sat., Feb. 24. Contact Sam at 503-819-2689.
2018 Sunsetting Policies
Resolved that Clackamas Pomona Grange #1 appoint a committee to work with the Pomona Legislative Chairman to research these issues and write resolutions as needed for consideration at the April 2018 Pomona meeting. Committee report was favorable. Resolution was adopted.
Highway Improvement
Resolved that the Oregon State Grange policy include support of an east/west interstate or limited access expressway from Coos Bay to Ontario, and be it further resolved that the policy also include support for a north/south route from Central Oregon to an interstate in Nevada. Committee report was favorable. Resolution was adopted.
Legislative Policy
Resolved that the Oregon State Grange policy that  removes any legislative policy without action of the delegates be rescinded. Committee report was favorable. Resolution was adopted.
Feb. 3             Breakfast at Springwater Grange          7am to 11am
Feb. 3              Breakfast at Beavercreek Grange         8am to 11am
Feb. 9             Sweetheart Dinner at Eagle Creek Grange     6:30pm
Feb. 11       Sweetheart Breakfast at Clarkes Grange      8am to noon
Feb. 11        Membership Conference at Clarkes Grange   1pm to 5pm
Feb. 18        Degree Day at Eagle Creek Grange               2pm
Feb.  23       Scholarship Pie Auction at Springwater Grange
Feb. 24        Exemplification of the 5th Degree at Maplewood Grange
                      6:00pm-6:45pm    Youth Dinner   $5.00 each person
                      6:45pm        Lecturer’s Program and Pie Auction for Charlie Bowser Scholarship Fund
                       8:00pm        5th Degree Exemplification
Feb. 24         Community Dance at Milwaukie Grange
Mar. 3          Breakfast at Springwater Grange                   7am to 11am
Mar. 3          Breakfast at Beavercreek Grange                   8am to 11am
Mar. 5          Visitation at Abernethy Grange                      6:30pm potluck   7:30pm meeting
Mar. 17        St. Patrick’s Day Dinner at Beavercreek Grange      4:00pm to 7:00pm
Mar. 24-25  Anything Goes Sale at Boring-Damascus Grange     10:00am to 5:00pm
Mar. 31        Pancake Breakfast at Harding Grange           8:00am to 10:00am
                      Egg Hunt begins at 9:00am
April 6&7     Springwater Grange Players Presents A Good Old Variety Show    7:00pm
April 8          Show begins at 2:00pm
April 13-14   Flea Market at Eagle Creek Grange
Pomona Roster Information:
Jan Oleson from Abernethy Grange has a new phone number  503-759-7168.

June 27, 2017 – Speakers Bureau

The Pomona has started a speakers bureau in honor of the Grange’s 150th Anniversary. Download the flyer: Speakers.

April 10, 2017 – Pomona Memo

2017-3-10 Clackamas Pomona Memo


March 28, 2017 – Charlie Bowser Memorial Scholarship

Charlie Bowser Memorial Scholarship application

Download the  Scholarship application. Email to Chair Jan Oleson at [email protected] or mail to Jan Oleson, 904 Meadow Drive, Molalla 97038 by April 15, 2017.

January 28, 2017 – Grange takes Position in support of Legislative action to aid Vocational Agriculture and FFA

On Saturday January 28, the Clackamas Pomona Grange voted to adopt a resolution as follows:

Support of Vocational Agriculture and FFA

Whereas          100% of Vocation Agriculture education programs incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) which is a priority for educational efforts in Oregon, and

Whereas          Oregon businesses have a long history of supporting and working with Vocational Agriculture and FFA, and

Whereas          the Vocational Agriculture and FFA programs have strong support among the alumni of these programs with over $1,000,000 worth of donated time and over $500,000 in actual cash were donated in 2016, and

Whereas          The Student Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is a hands-on educational aspect of Vocational Agriculture and the FFA which has an estimated economic impact of nearly $14,000,000 and prepares the students as future employees and entrepreneurs, and

Whereas          The national average of extended contract for Vocational Agriculture teachers is 36.5 days and Oregon only averages 15.5 days, and

Whereas          74% of Agriculture teachers teach manufacturing courses and 43% are the only manufacturing teacher at their school and 59% are the only welding teacher at their school; therefore be it

Resolved         that the Clackamas County Pomona Grange support the Vocational Agricultural education program in the School Districts of Clackamas County, and be it further

Resolved         that the Clackamas County Pomona Grange support legislative efforts to enhance the funding for Vocational Agriculture and the FFA programs which fund extended contracts and provide incentives for those who choose to become Ag teachers.


October 22, 2016 – Grange Takes Stand in Support of FFA and Vo-Ag Education

On Saturday, October 22 the Clackamas Pomona Grange voted to adopt a resolution  in support of vocational agriculture, affiliated programs, and the FFA program in Estacada School District. The resolution follows:

Vocational Agriculture Education in the Estacada School District

Whereas:   Estacada High School is located in a rural agricultural area: and

Whereas:   the Vocational Agriculture program instructs and develops students into strong leaders for the future: and

Whereas:   The Vocational Agriculture classes have a positive effect on high school graduation rates: and

Whereas:   This would be a good time to reinstate the Vocational Agricultural education and affiliated programs: and

Whereas:   Granges across the nation have a long history of assisting and helping these programs and

Whereas:   There are four Granges in the Estacada School District who are willing to help when needed:  therefore, be it

Resolved:  That Clackamas County Pomona Grange #1 requests the Estacada School District reinstate the Vocational Agricultural Education and FFA program at Estacada High School.


October 22, 2016 – Grange elects officers for 2017-2018

The officers of the Pomona Grange were elected at the regular meeting on Saturday. Elected were: Master/President – Ed Luttrell, Boring-Damascus; Overseer-Vice President – Don MacKinnon, Springwater; Lecturer – Celia Luttrell, Boring-Damascus; Steward – Don Kingsborough, Warner; Assist. Steward – Dan LeBrun, Eagle Creek; Lady Assist. Steward – Jessie Jo Guttridge, Springwater; Chaplain – Barbara Brockway, Eagle Creek; Treasurer – Eileen Dale, Warner; Secretary – Sandi Ludi, Sunnyside; Gatekeeper – Bud  Dumolt, Beavercreek; Ceres – Leila Dumolt, Beavercreek; Pomona – Kathy Assad, Redland; Flora – Annette Wanker, Redland; Executive Committee – Don Sether, Molalla; Annette Naylor, Clarkes; Tami Guttridge, Springwater; Musician – Ruth Newman, Springwater.

September 18, 2016 – Initiation of New Members Conducted


The officers who conferred the first four degrees at The Sandy Grange on Sunday, September 18.