June 27, 2017 – Speakers Bureau

The Pomona has started a speakers bureau in honor of the Grange’s 150th Anniversary. Download the flyer: Speakers.

April 10, 2017 – Pomona Memo

2017-3-10 Clackamas Pomona Memo


March 28, 2017 – Charlie Bowser Memorial Scholarship

Charlie Bowser Memorial Scholarship application

Download the  Scholarship application. Email to Chair Jan Oleson at [email protected] or mail to Jan Oleson, 904 Meadow Drive, Molalla 97038 by April 15, 2017.

January 28, 2017 – Grange takes Position in support of Legislative action to aid Vocational Agriculture and FFA

On Saturday January 28, the Clackamas Pomona Grange voted to adopt a resolution as follows:

Support of Vocational Agriculture and FFA

Whereas          100% of Vocation Agriculture education programs incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) which is a priority for educational efforts in Oregon, and

Whereas          Oregon businesses have a long history of supporting and working with Vocational Agriculture and FFA, and

Whereas          the Vocational Agriculture and FFA programs have strong support among the alumni of these programs with over $1,000,000 worth of donated time and over $500,000 in actual cash were donated in 2016, and

Whereas          The Student Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) is a hands-on educational aspect of Vocational Agriculture and the FFA which has an estimated economic impact of nearly $14,000,000 and prepares the students as future employees and entrepreneurs, and

Whereas          The national average of extended contract for Vocational Agriculture teachers is 36.5 days and Oregon only averages 15.5 days, and

Whereas          74% of Agriculture teachers teach manufacturing courses and 43% are the only manufacturing teacher at their school and 59% are the only welding teacher at their school; therefore be it

Resolved         that the Clackamas County Pomona Grange support the Vocational Agricultural education program in the School Districts of Clackamas County, and be it further

Resolved         that the Clackamas County Pomona Grange support legislative efforts to enhance the funding for Vocational Agriculture and the FFA programs which fund extended contracts and provide incentives for those who choose to become Ag teachers.


October 22, 2016 – Grange Takes Stand in Support of FFA and Vo-Ag Education

On Saturday, October 22 the Clackamas Pomona Grange voted to adopt a resolution  in support of vocational agriculture, affiliated programs, and the FFA program in Estacada School District. The resolution follows:

Vocational Agriculture Education in the Estacada School District

Whereas:   Estacada High School is located in a rural agricultural area: and

Whereas:   the Vocational Agriculture program instructs and develops students into strong leaders for the future: and

Whereas:   The Vocational Agriculture classes have a positive effect on high school graduation rates: and

Whereas:   This would be a good time to reinstate the Vocational Agricultural education and affiliated programs: and

Whereas:   Granges across the nation have a long history of assisting and helping these programs and

Whereas:   There are four Granges in the Estacada School District who are willing to help when needed:  therefore, be it

Resolved:  That Clackamas County Pomona Grange #1 requests the Estacada School District reinstate the Vocational Agricultural Education and FFA program at Estacada High School.


October 22, 2016 – Grange elects officers for 2017-2018

The officers of the Pomona Grange were elected at the regular meeting on Saturday. Elected were: Master/President – Ed Luttrell, Boring-Damascus; Overseer-Vice President – Don MacKinnon, Springwater; Lecturer – Celia Luttrell, Boring-Damascus; Steward – Don Kingsborough, Warner; Assist. Steward – Dan LeBrun, Eagle Creek; Lady Assist. Steward – Jessie Jo Guttridge, Springwater; Chaplain – Barbara Brockway, Eagle Creek; Treasurer – Eileen Dale, Warner; Secretary – Sandi Ludi, Sunnyside; Gatekeeper – Bud  Dumolt, Beavercreek; Ceres – Leila Dumolt, Beavercreek; Pomona – Kathy Assad, Redland; Flora – Annette Wanker, Redland; Executive Committee – Don Sether, Molalla; Annette Naylor, Clarkes; Tami Guttridge, Springwater; Musician – Ruth Newman, Springwater.

September 18, 2016 – Initiation of New Members Conducted


The officers who conferred the first four degrees at The Sandy Grange on Sunday, September 18.