January 12, 2022 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the Zoom meeting to order at 12:10 p.m. Also participating were Vice President Leroy Watson, Executive Committee member Cheryl Watson, Treasurer Jessie Patrick, Community Service Director Loretta Washington, Lecturer/Chaplin Mark Gibbons and Secretary Richard Weiss.

After a prayer by Mark, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.


Joan asked that the Words for Thirds $96.00 be clarified as for only twenty-four dictionaries not the cost of the entire program


Current balance of Operating Fund at Trust Bank                             $3,405.43
Current balance of Kile Fund at PNC Bank                                       $70,843.16
Deposits to Kile Fund this quarter                                                      $1,610.00 & $3,135,75


  • World Food Forum – Dick Weiss has been studying the sponsor organization Global Youth. He has not been able to clarify the organization’s position on issues such as GMOs and recommends he just continues to monitor through their mailing list.
  • Grange Month – It was decided not to set an April date for a tenants’ breakfast given the uptick in Corona virus and the building’s sale status. Leroy reiterated that as Potomac Grange we should not communicate information on the building’s sale status. It was noted, the purpose is to publicize the Grange. Betsy will be invited to attend and answer any questions that arise.
  • IRS Status – Leroy continues to work on this with outside council and will keep us up to date.
  • Roster/Member Update – Joan is working with Dick, Jessie and Stephanie on updating Potomac’s roster of officers as well as our membership list. Activities Director position is still open, and several candidates are being considered. Mark has been appointed Chaplain.
  • WDC Experience Review – We have been informed that in addition to the $1,600.00 Potomac Grange volunteered to pay for the Educational Trolley Ride at this event, an additional commitment has been made to pay for two $800.00 scholarships. A check of past meeting minutes shows no such commitment. Given that the scholarship commitment had been published in material about the WDC Experience, a multi-amended motion passed to cover the scholarships with the caveat that this is a one-time payment for 2022 only.


  • PA Farm Show – Joan passed on volunteering to work in the milk shake booth due to the recent spike in Covid.
  • Presidents Conference – Joan will attend February 17-20 in Myrtle Beach, SC.
  • Ag In The Classroom Conference – None of us has volunteered to attend this March event in Chicago due to Covid. Jessie, who attended in the past, said it is a worthwhile event and will hopefully include virtual participation. Joan will attend either in person or virtual.
  • Words for Thirds – We will distribute dictionaries to DC schools’ third graders during April Grange Month.

There was no further business, no Good of the Order issues, no members sick or in distress and so the meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard B. Weiss, Secretary
Potomac Grange #1