December 8, 2021 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the meeting to order at 12:05 P.M. Also online were Overseer Leroy Watson, Executive Committee member Cheri Watson, Treasurer Jessie Patrick, Secretary Richard Weiss, National Grange Sales and Benefits Director Loretta Washington and RetireSafe CEO Mark Gibbons.

After an opening Pledge of Allegiances and prayer, the October 13 minutes passed as corrected to reflect the $599.43 Revival expense paid through the Kile fund was for Revival events, not Joan’s expenses


Operating fund current balance at Trust Bank                                   $3,405.43
Kile Fund current balance at PNC Band                                            $68,766.40
Latest receipt from the trust                                                               $1,610.00    
Pending payment to Jefferson Grange for Special Olympics             $100.00


  • Our resolutions adding a Youth to the Executive Committee and adding $1.00 to dues to fund Youth and Juniors’ Activities were defeated in committee. The Membership Director will develop a plan for the proposed expansion of Junior membership to 0 to 4 years old.
  • World Food Forum-Weiss reported that the Chicago World Food Forum next June is the Wall Street Journal forum, not the Global Youth Forum. He will pursue the possibility of a Grange member participating in the WSJ program and assess the value of joining the Global Youth organization.
  • Grange Month tenants’ event-We decided to wait on setting a date and format for the tenants’ event until more is known about the building sale.
  • The 501c3 status of both Potomac Grange #1 and the Kile Fund has expired. Potomac Grange received a notice from the DC government stating that we a delinquent filing our Sales and Use Tax” report for some years. Jessie said we can just file stating “no taxable income.” Meanwhile Leroy is looking into options of putting both entities under one 501c3 and reincorporating outside DC.


  • Presidents Conference-Weiss moved we allot approximately $500.00 from the Kile Fund to cover travel, food, and lodging expenses for this February 17-20 Myrtle Beach event.
  • Mid-Atlantic Leaders’ Conference will combine with the Southern States conference and move to June. National Grange staff will participate in each region.
  • AITC-Jane has obtained names of DC teachers and will contact them directly regarding Ag In The Classroom programs. She may need approximately $1,000.00 from the Kile Fund for AITC materials.
  • Words for Thirds-Potomac Grange will distribute twenty-four dictionaries to students in two NE and SE DC schools. Estimated cost for twenty-four dictionaries is $96.00.  This is not the total donation to the program.
  • Joan, Stephanie Wilkins, and Dick Weiss will update the Potomac Grange roster and membership list for submittal to the National Grange.

There were no items for the Good of the Order and no members sick or in distress. The meeting adjourned at 1:20 p.m

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard B. Weiss, Secretary
Potomac Grange #1