Member Dues

It’s time to sign up for another exciting year or three with Potomac Grange #1, the Grange of the Founders.  Be a Fraternal member and participate in meetings at the historic National Grange Building in Washington DC or via free conference call at Noon every 2nd Wednesday of the month. You can also join the Grange of the Founders as an Associate member.  You will be on the email list and we will keep you posted about all activities.

Through its Kile Fund, your Potomac Grange is active in community service projects and supportive of National Grange activities.  Potomac Grange helps sponsor the National Grange Legislative Fly-In, the WDC Experience for our Juniors and Youth members and annual convention youth programs.   We also sponsored several Grange Revival (camping) activities (Grange Olympics, Agricultural Workshops, Bingo). We are also involved with schools in the DC community.  In 2017, the U.S. Department of Agriculture appointed Potomac Grange #1 as the official Washington, DC Program Leader for the National Agriculture-in-the Classroom program.  In 2022 we will begin our “Words for Thirds” Dictionary project with DC schools.

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