October 14, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order at 12:00pm by President Joan C. Smith.  Minutes of the last meeting were summarized and approved.


The Treasurer Report was delayed till our December meeting.  Discussion by members on the fact that we have received notification from DC that our Tax Exempt Status will expire in Jan 2021.  An investigation by Joan with Dick Weiss, Leroy, Fran Vitt as well as a search of the NG Comptrollers office for documentation, found that in 2016 a letter from  the IRS suspended our Non-Profit Tax Exemption Status for the lack of filing any annual reports.  MOTION by Amanda that we reestablish that the PG is a non-profit entity with both the IRS and DC.  2nd by Leroy and carried.   We currently have a FEIN for Potomac Grange #1 and an FEIN for the Kile Fund which must be addressed during this effort.    Leroy noted that Kile Fund dollars can be used if an attorney fees are incurred.


$20 in 2020 Matching

At our May meeting, PG#1 voted to match a gift from any of our members who contributed to this Youth fundraising effort.  Stephanie Wilkins to provide the list of our members to Mandy so she can conduct a cross-mapping of funds contributed to our membership and provide us the information so we can cut a check to the Grange Foundation.

NAITC Summit

The Leadership Virtual Conference will be held 10-11 November with workshops and a Council meeting.

NG Session Resolutions/Policy

Joan has provided emails to the Agriculture Committee Chair on the “Hallah Food Certification” concern and to the Chair of Health/Education Committee on the Parental vice Family Leave issue.  Burton and Stephanie verified that our two resolutions:  NG Youth Executive Board member and Veterans VA Home Loans had been received.   SharePoint training by our Stephanie for Session Delegates/Committees/ is on the 27 of October Zoom.


PGA#1 Zoom Line

We will use the free Zoom meeting line (40 minutes) for 100 connections for our next meeting.  Stephanie to set-up.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

We received notification that we can host a virtual conference in March.  We decided on 20 March, Saturday, we will keep Friday available for a workshop or Guest Speaker also.  Saturday evening, we will do Trivia.  We will charge $10 to register to cover any workshop needs and perhaps a goodie bag provided to registrants.  Any remaining funds would go to the Junior Grange.


2 AITC (Cotton Boll, Wood Spinning, Farming in a Glove [would need to provide to registrants the supplies], Junior Director, Youth Director, Membership Director, Lecturer, +, + Look for a guest speaker; Jr and Youth contests to be help at the PA Family Festival in July 2021.  Committee – Amanda, Jessie, Joan – Burton will look for a guest speaker as well as others

2021 Revival

No new news.  PG#1 to conduct the Olympics (game items, metals, printing)


Loretta spoke on the new NG CashBack program which kicks off this Friday

We will not meet in November.  Next virtual/zoom meeting, Wednesday, 9 December at noon

Meeting Adjourned at 1:05

Respectfully Submitted,

Joan C. Smith