August 12, 2020 Meeting Minutes

President Joan C. Smith called the meeting to order via telephone at 12:03 p.m. EDT.  Also, on the call were Overseer Leroy Watson, Executive Committee member Cheri Watson, Secretary Richard Weiss, Steward Amanda Brozana Rios Treasure Jessie Cope, member David Watson of First Financial Group. Amanda’s guests Johanna Huber and Kennedy Quin, National Grange Programs Director Loretta Washington and Nation Grange Legislative Director Burton Eller.

The June 11, 2020 minutes were approved as read.


Kile Fund current balance at PNC Bank $54,171.53
This includes a quarterly deposit of $2,859.00

Operating Fund current balance at BB&T Bank$2,568.83
This after the 2nd quarter dues check had cleared

Leroy Watson inquired how the “$20 in 2020” matching funds from the Kile Fund to the Youth Development Fund are being tracked.  Right now, there appears to be no system.  After discussion, it was agreed to have National Grange Youth and Young Adult Director Mandy Bostwick match her list of contributors at the campaign’s October close against Potomac Grange’s membership list.

At the close of 2019, the Kile Fund balance at Bank of America was $326,864. Distributions for the year totaled $8,900 and fees totaled $5,900.   Leroy pointed out that over the years, the fund has declined from over $500, 000 to the current balance.  He is concerned that at the mandatory rates of distributions and fees, the fund will run out of money and that will be our contribution to future generations.  He recommended investing forty-five thousands of the fifty-four-thousand-dollar bank balance.

David Watson estimated First Financial Group’s fees would run between 1.00% to 1.25 %.  While the market is still volatile, David feels there will be long term growth.

Amanda encouraged investing a portion of our funds with FFG. After discussion, Treasurer Cope moved that $40,000 of the current Kile Fund bank balance be invested. Leroy Watson seconded, and the motion passed.  The invested funds will not be restricted and can be retrieved if needs arise.


2021 Mid-Atlantic Regional Leadership Conference

Potomac Grange has been asked to sponsor this conference in March 2021.  It would involve from 75 to 80 adult and 40 youth and junior participants from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and West Virginia.

There was discussion as to what costs would be covered by Potomac Grange.  These could range anywhere from some hotel and meals to only meals and miscellaneous expenses, tour, metro, transportation.  A registration fee of twenty to twenty-five dollars would cover some cost.  We would not want to make it higher so as not to discourage participation.

Next question was lodging and meeting space.  In addition to a large meeting space, three break-out rooms would be required. Joan already has a current quote off $79.00 a night from Club Quarters.  It is not sure this will hold in March if COVID-19 is gone.  Also, Jessie said the rooms are small and she is not sure about bed arrangements.  It is not clear if Club Quarters has food service.  Burton mentioned that in the past we have prepared food in-house because of the high cost of hotel food.  Jessie suggested the 4-H Center.  She though buying their meal program might be required with the rooms.  Loretta stated that in addition to having everything we need, using the 4-H Center would help build relationships and lead to additional members.  Jessie warned against getting into up-front, non-refundable commitments.  Cheri Watson noted that the Coronavirus could still be around in March.  There was consensus to move the meeting to June 2021.

Amanda Rios moved we host the Mid-Atlantic Leadership Conference at the 4-H Center in June 2021.  Loretta Washington seconded the motion.  Jessie Cope moved to amend the motion by first exploring the impact of moving to June 2021 and having a recommendation on the hotel, meals, meeting space, etc. by August 31, 2020.  It was decided that we can vote on the recommendation by email.  The motion passed as amended.  Joan, Jessie and Amanda volunteered to be the recommendation committee.

July 2021 Revival -Sturgis, South Dakota

Potomac Grange has been asked to again sponsor the “Olympics” at this function.  The Olympics being a series of games and contests.  Last year’s costs ran around $2,400, mostly for several hundred winners’ ribbons.  Joan will look into what needs to be purchased for 2021 and get back with a cost.


Hallah Foods

Resolution to strike this resolution calling for certification of Hallah foods from the 2019 Journal of Proceedings passed.

Parental Leave

Resolution to amend this resolution in the 2019 Journal of Proceedings from the term “parental leave” to “family leave” passed.

Add Youth Member to the Executive Committee/Board of Directors

Jessie Cope moved to pass resolution to add a Grange member between the ages of 14 and 35 to the Grange Executive Committee/Board of Directors for a one-year term with a limit of three terms.

Richard Weiss moved to amend the motion to two-year terms with a limit of two terms.  Jessie concurred.  Discussion followed.  Amanda argued that one-year terms would allow greater youth participation.  The amendment failed and the motion passed with one-year terms.

Joan informed us that passed resolutions to divide “youth” into two age groups have been rejected by the Delegate body. It was also moved and passed to change “Granger” to “Member” in the resolution’s title.

Youth and Junior Grange Funding Assessments

The resolution calls for an annual assessment of $1.00 on Fraternal and e-mail memberships with .50 cents going to Youth and Young Adult activities and .50 cents going to Junior Grange activities.  Activities to be covered by the National Grange budget include Director, general program. Ambassador costs  plus, costs for participants in regional events continue to come from the Grange Foundation.  The resolution was approved with a word change from “events” to “regional conference.”


A resolution asking National Grange to lobby for extending VA mortgage benefits to Reserve and National Guard members was not addressed.

A local Grange request to the National Grange and passed on to Potomac Grange for a $1,000.00 grant to purchase a spinning wheel was turned down by Potomac.

There were no members in need.

Due to time limitations the total agenda was not covered and may be continued by email.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Weiss, Secretary