June 11, 2020 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the meeting to order via telephone at 12:05 EDT. Also, on the call were Overseer Leroy Watson, Executive Committee member Cheri Watson, Steward Amanda Brozana Rios, Treasurer Jessie Cope, Secretary Richard Weiss and National Grange Programs Director Loretta Washington.

The May 13, 2020 minutes were approved as read.


Operating Account at BB&T Bank-current balance $2761.33

There is one outstanding dues check which has not been deposited due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Kile Fund Account at PNC Bank-current balance $52,354.87

All outstanding bills including Fly-in and DC Experience are paid up.

Papers for the 2019 Kile Fund year-end report have not yet been received from Bank of America. Jessie has given Joan the 2019 spread sheet. When completed, Joan will pass the report on to Leroy for co-signature.

YOUTH AND YOUTH ADULT – the Watsons reporting

Rachel Watson completed her school year on June 5 and is already doing summer studies. She is also gardening raising peppers and tomatoes to make salsa.

Joan encouraged contributions to the 20 for 20 Youth Foundation’s Ice Bucket Challenge (dump a bucket of ice over your head and send in $20.00.)

Later in the meeting Leroy Watson moved and Jessie Cope seconded that Potomac Grange #1 match all $20.00 contributions by its members up to the October 14 deadline.

GRANGE FOUNDATION – Joan reporting

481 tee shirts have been sold to raise funds for the foundation.

A photo of all ten Foundation members will run in Good Day Magazine and be posted on the National Grange website.

The Foundation will award ten $100.00 grants to Granges involved in COVID-19 community activities. The ten will be chosen randomly from the 98 entries.


National Ag in the Classroom – The March Summit Meeting has been moved to the Fall.  The June conference had over 800 virtual participants and the June 23 State meeting will be virtual.  Sarah Harward is the recent recipient of the Ag Advocate Award.

Grange Month Tenants Breakfast – After some discussion about rescheduling this event, Loretta Washington recommended that it be cancelled for the year. She pointed out that social distancing may last for some time and tenants likely would be hesitant to partake of a buffet. There was consensus to cancel.  Loretta also report that the Grange Building has lost two tenants to date.


National Convention – While the convention will still be held in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, only officers and delegates will participate, and it will be reduced to two days, Tuesday and Wednesday. Leroy pointed out that in addition to resolution business there will be an election of officers, a memorial service and budget review.

Many other activities will be held virtually at later dates.

It was moved and seconded that President Joan Smith be Potomac Grange #1’s delegate to the convention. The motion passed.

Joan suggested two potential resolutions for Potomac Grange. One recommending the elimination from the 2019 Policy Book of a resolution questioning the certification of foods meeting the definition as Hallah. She feels it appears prejudice toward Muslims.

The second being a resolution updating the term” parental leave” to “family leave” to come into compliance with new federal standards.

After some discussion in which Leroy pointed out that due to the shortness of the meeting, too many resolutions will be a problem. There was consensus to present only a resolution on the Hallah foods.


Joan encouraged those of us who feel the U.S. Postal Service should continue to be funded to write to our representatives.

There were no Good of the Order issues or Members in Need and the meeting adjourned at 1:25.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Weiss, Secretary