January 8, 2020 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 12:05 PM by the President, Joan C. Smith. Those in attendance were Jessie Cope, Amanda Brozana-Rios, Loretta Washington, Stephanie Wilkins, David Watson, Dick Weiss, Leroy Watson, Cheri Watson and Burton Eller.

Minutes of our December meeting were read by Worthy Secretary Dick Weiss and approved.


  • BB&T, $2,749.93, Operating account
  • Kyle Fund PNC, $53,110.80 balance. The PG#1 NG Revival Camp expenditures were $2,462.10 for the Olympics and the AITC Activities.


Junior – No report     

Youth – Cheri and Leroy reported that all is going well and that Rachael Watson is now involved in traveling volleyball and many other HS activities. All members were urged to sign up for the Youth sponsored impromptu speaking contest for the Mid-Atlantic Leadership Conf to be held in NJ.

Ag-In-The-Classroom – Joan reported that our PG#1 annual state report had been completed and submitted on 4 Jan. We reported the on the four (4) workshops presented at the NG Revival Camp, the develop of a display board, briefings given at the 2019 Master’s Conf and the NJ Leadership Summit.

Community Service – Loretta reported that the WDC Youth Garden had contacted her and they will be a future guest of PG#1 to share with us our common interest in urban agriculture.

Legislative – Burton updated us on the USMCA Trade Agreement as well as other important issues for the Grange


  • PG#1 Resolution on “Multi-Employer 401k Program” – Leroy provided info that the he and Betsey were meeting with various financial providers seeking more information and options. The NG BoD will meet with the experts in the next 30 days
  • WWII Certifications Presented – Amanda reported that two of the PG#1 certificated were presented in December, one in WDC and one in Massachusetts. Both awardees will be featured in the next issue of “Good Day” magazine. A Quilt of Valor was requested by Amanda from their Hqs to be presented to Ruth Black Koczela, 98 yrs., in the near term. 
  • PG#1 Roster Update – updated info was provided to Stephanie for publications. Some committees were updated


  • NAITC Annual Dues Request, $300- motion by Amanda 2ndby Loretta to pay this bill and continue as the WDC state contact
  • Fly-In, New Hampshire – approved that Joan will attend this event and it meets the Kyle fund criteria for payment
  • Words for Thirds – discussion on this was held and decided to implement in the Fall of 2020. Received a box of various dictionaries for us to review and select an appropriate dictionary. Discussion also resulted in a Thesaurus be provided to each classroom.  Committee: Joan and Jessie
  • Mid-Atlantic Grange Leaders Conf (MAGLC) – held at the Holiday Inn, Swedesboro, NJ, March 20-22, info forthcoming.
  • NAITC Summit – 30 Mar-1 Apr in Kansas Cit, MO. Motion by Jessie, 2ndLeroy to provide approx. $700 from the Kyle fund to send Joan and Amanda.
  • Grange Month – Wednesday, 8 April, PG#1 to provide breakfast to the building tenants followed by a Chili Lunch regular meeting in the Conf Room. We may also provide an AITC workshop in the afternoon to tenants who can attend and PG#1 members.
  • 2020 National Convention – Valley Forge, PA

Good of the Order/Sick or in Need

None currently.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Weiss, Secretary