March 18, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Meeting start time: 9:36 a.m.

Present on the phone: Leroy Watson, Cherie Watson, Amanda Brozana

Present in the Saunders Library: Joan Smith, Austin Miller, Stephanie Wilkins, Bobbi Rencevicz, Jessie Cope

Minutes read and approved as corrected

Treasurers Report:

Kile Fund Feb. 28 Bal $37,003.67

Kile trust 12/31/13 bal $315,075.65

Operating account 3/18 $969.62

We need to pay 4th quarter dues of $72. And bonding for $136.

We have a $50 gift certificate to the Grange Store to spend.

Expenditures made from Kile Fund: $100 Ford’s Theater, $5 Soles for Souls, $150 Grange Foundation for scanner

Old Business:

A question came up about the gazebo at the Arboretum. The Lecturer will check on the project.

Youth Conference

Jr. Ambassador Patrick Lanstrum will make a presentation during the conference.

Funds collected for the conference should offset costs.

Jessie will call all state youth directors to determine participation and encourage registrations.

It was decided the $50 Grange Store gift certificate should be used for door prizes for the conference.

Jessie will file for the permit to use the park for the drill competition and practice.

The menus were decided for the conference.

Jr. Grange:

Fox Valley Good Earth had 6 peole at the March meeting.

April 11-13 Wisconsin Great Lakes Leaders Conference will be attended by the Watsons. Jr. Grange bratwurst fundraiser is in development stages.

New Business:

Discussion about fundraising options held. It was decided not to pursue any new fundraisers until after the youth conference. It was decided to ask the youth to bring used books to the conference to contribute to our next used book sale.