March 19, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 9:05am by Master Joan Smith. In attendance Overseer, Leroy Watson and Cheri Watson by phone; Treasurer, Amber Bell; Lecturer, Samantha Johnson; Ceres, Beverly Mitchell; Flora, Stephanie Wilkins; Lady Assistant Steward, Jessie Cope; Assistant Steward Austin Miller.

Minutes from February 19, 2013 meeting were read and corrected. “Was tabled” was added into the minutes under Old Business after Kimball Elementary. Once the correction was made minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

As of March 1st, the BB&T operating account has $314.62 and the PNC account for the Kyle Fund $29,040.75.

Amber did speak with Eric Bolin and he has agreed to take on Potomac Grange and the Kyle Fund as a client. He will do our 2012 tax forms.

Also, Amber informed us that our 4th Quarter dues need to be paid.

Old Business

Samantha also received an update from the Washington Youth Garden concerning Potomac Grange’s donation in 2012. Samantha received an e-mail from Charla Wilson at the Washington Youth Garden letting us know that the National Arboretum has asked for alternate plans concerning the kiosk project. She wanted to inform me of this and let me know that they are waiting for final approval on the new plans and wanted to know if we would like to move our donation to another project. We discussed this and decided to keep going forward with the kiosk donation. I e-mailed Ms. Wilson to let her know.

Samantha also got in contact with the DC Modern Quilt Guild about helping at Kimball Elementary School on their quilt project. She is waiting on a response from the guild which meets on April 17th.

Picked April 20th as our first choice for visiting Lance’s farm in PA. If that is not possible we have the alternative date of May 18th. Austin will e-mail Lance to find out if these dates work for our visit.

New Business

Discussed the National Grange Fly-In and some of the problems with the on-line form, which Jessie has since corrected.

Proposed writing a resolution to change the age for the Grange Youth Program and discussed the merits of having Youth and Young Adults programs. We discussed how this change would help with outside fundraising if the Youth was split up. A resolution will be written for our next meeting about segmenting the program.

We discussed the Junior Grange program and kicking off the 125th Birthday of the Junior Grange at the National Grange session in New Hampshire. Also, a new member joined South Greenville Grange and with them came two new members for their Junior Grange.

We discussed the Patriot’s Program and the distribution of the Women and World War II CD. We spoke about Grange Month.

We have two fraternal concerns, Mark Miller and Sandor Szima.

The last discussion on was whether we should bulk up the operating account. A decision was made to reuse some of our former delegate gifts and regift them at this year’s convention.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

Next meeting

Next meeting is set for April 16, 2013 at 9am.

Respectfully submitted,

Samantha Johnson, Temporary Secretary
Potomac Grange #1