February 19, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 8:40am by Master Joan Smith. In attendance Overseer, Leroy Watson and Cheri Watson by phone; Treasurer, Amber Bell; Lecturer, Samantha Johnson; Steward, Amanda Brozana (late to meeting); Ceres, Beverly Mitchell; Pomona, Grace Boatright; Lady Assistant Steward, Jessie Cope; Assistant Steward Austin Miller; and special guest Lance Waynewright National Grange intern.

Minutes from November 27th 2012 meeting were read and a correction that it should 990s instead of 90s was made. The minutes were approved as corrected. Also, minutes from January’s meeting were read and approved.

Treasurer’s Report

As of January 31st, the BB&T operating account has $316.62 and the PNC account for the Kyle Fund $29,848.60.

Also, the Market Value of the trust as of December 31st, 2012 is $293,656.12.

There was a motion to change from our current CPA, Bill Badoff, to Eric Bolin. The motion was passed to ask Eric who handles the National Grange accounts to see if he would be willing to take Potomac Grange on as a client. Amber will make the request.

Old Business

Discussion on the ongoing progress of the potential new Junior Grange at Kimball Elementary until Amanda Brozana could be present.

Lecturer Samantha Johnson continues to look into finding a local quilt guild to help with the quilting project at Kimball.

Samantha also received an update from the Washington Youth Garden on their 2012 year and what was coming up for 2013.

New Business

Lance spoke to us about his family dairy farm and Joan made the inquiry if it would be possible for Potomac Grange members to take a tour of the farm. We will be looking for a day for us to go.

We discussed developing a focus and/or mission for the upcoming year. We would like to pick something we could work on all year not with just money but our time. Several topics were discussed such as Community Gardening, Ag Education, and focusing on kids.

A motion was made that Potomac Grange 2013 support would be focusing on Agriculture and community gardening in DC with hours, volunteerism, and money. It was move to amend that it be DC area. The motion was approved as amended.

Grace spoke to us about the upcoming National Grange Fly-In. The Fly-In is set for June 2-4, 2013. She also informed us she will be having a special luncheon at the National Press Club to honor Dodge as a “friend of the farmer”.

A proposed motion was made to donate $2,500 as a scholarship for the National Grange Fly-In. A proposed amendment was made to change the amount to $3,000 and for it to be used for general purposes. It was then amended to say $3,000 for at least one scholarship for Youth and the rest for general purposes. This was final amendment was approved. $3,000 will be donated from the Kyle Fund to the National Grange Fly-In for scholarship and general purposes.

A proposal to reimburse National Grange for our annual holiday party (dinner and supplies) from the Kyle Fund was approved. Also, the expense of the thank you gift for our speaker, which was a Yankee Candle, was approved to be paid from the Kyle Fund.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 a.m.

Next Meeting

Next meeting is set for March 19, 2013 at 9am.

Respectfully submitted,

Samantha Johnson, Temporary Secretary
Potomac Grange #1