September 18, 2012

Overseer Leroy Watson called the meeting to order via telephone at 8:38 a.m.  Also present by telephone were Executive Committee member Cheri Watson and Junior Granger Rachael Watson.  Present in the Saunders Library of the National Grange building in Washington, DC were Ceres Beverly Mitchell, Treasurer Amber Bell, Flora Stephanie Wilkins, Lady Assistant Steward Jessie Cope, Steward Amanda Brozana, Pomona Grace Boatright, Secretary Richard Weiss and National Grange Program Assistant Austin Miller.

Minutes from the July 17, 2012 meeting were approved as read.

President Joan Smith then joined the meeting via telephone.

Treasurer’s Reports

As of 8/31/2012 the operating fund balance at BB&T Bank was $625.84
There is an outstanding check to National Grange for convention gifts of $317.22
Leaving a balance of $308.62
As of 8/31/2012 the Kile Fund balance at PNC Bank was $25,373.38

The $3,500.00 check to Friends of the National Arboretum has cleared.  The new account for Kile Fund asset distributions has not yet opened.  Our accountant still has not filed the 2011 Form 990.  IRS has given us an extension to November 15, 2012.  Treasurer Bell will follow up with the accountant to make sure we make that deadline.

Old Business

President Smith is registered and has all her materials for the National Convention.  The measuring spoon gifts are in and ready to be shipped to Idaho.  Potomac Grange #1 will submit 1 resolution to the National Convention (See July 17, 2012 minutes.).

There will be a social media educational area at the convention.  It was moved, seconded and passed to allocate up to $500.00 from the Kile Fund to pay for signage and a possible screen and projector.  The signage will read “Sponsored by Potomac Grange #1.”

Jessie Cope reported that the 2016, 150th National Convention will be held at a hotel near Dulles Airport.  A search is on for a 7th Degree venue.

Samantha Johnson and Amanda Brozana met with officials of Kimball Elementary School, recipient of Grange dictionaries, to discuss formation of a Junior Grange at the school. They will meet again in October.   Amanda reported that Winston Elementary School and a high school may also be interested in forming Junior and Subordinate Granges.  It was pointed out that Potomac Grange #1 can only sponsor one Junior Grange.  Cheri Watson suggested a plan that would create geographical divisions such as NE and NW of an umbrella Junior Grange.  The consensus was that this is a good, workable idea.

Potomac Grange #1 continues to collect can tabs and soup labels to contribute to educational and hunger programs.

New Business

It was decided to have the Potomac Grange holiday party on January 15 in the evening with a dinner.  The agenda will include Community Recognition Awards.

Austin Miller’s Obligation Ceremony will be held at the October 23 meeting.

It was moved, seconded and passed to make a $50.00 contribution to any charity designated by Samantha Johnson’s family.  Samantha’s grandfather recently passed on.

Junior Grange

Junior Granger Rachael Watson recently ran a 3.5 miler.  She also attended a Milwaukee Brewers baseball game.  She passed her test for a second star in tae kwon do.  She will take the test for a third star in December.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

Next Meeting

The next Potomac Grange #1 meeting will be October 23, 2012 at 8:30 a.m. in the Saunders Library of the National Grange Building in Washington, DC.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard B. Weiss, Secretary
Potomac Grange #1