June 19, 2012

 Meeting was called to order at 8:30am by Overseer Leroy Watson. In attendance Lecturer, Samantha Johnson; Steward, Amanda Brozana; Flora, Stephanie Wilkins; Ceres, Beverly Mitchell; Pomona, Grace Boatright; Lady Assistant, Jessie Cope; and special guest Eric Johnson from the National Association of Counties (NAC).

Treasurer’s Reports

Received letter from the IRS that they have received our letter about the Kyle Fund and they will be in touch.

Old Business

On June 6th, Samantha Johnson, Lecturer, and Amanda Brozana visited Kimball Elementary School in Washington, DC, to drop off dictionaries. While there Samantha and Amanda met with some of the kids and Sheil’a E. West-Miller, principal. They not only gave out dictionaries, they also included the Grange comic book, 50 were donated by Samantha. Per Ms. Miller’s request we mailed another 100 Grange comic books. Amanda and Samantha also have a meeting with Ms. Miller and her staff to discuss starting a Junior Grange. No date has been set but they will meet with her before the next meeting.

So far Potomac Grange has collected 16 bras for Bras for the Cause. Samantha will be mailing this bunch to the Maryland State Grange Sectary Donna Wiles in the next week. If you still haven’t gotten them to Samantha she will be collecting them through our September meeting.

Samantha also read the Thank You letter from the National Arboretum that was sent for our donation of $3500 for the Solar Kiosk.

Also, the Grange Foundation did match the $1,500 donated by Potomac Grange #1 for the Ag in the Classroom.

The 4 certificates of appreciation for the WWII Vets will be sent to Phyllis Wilson in OR to be presented to the Vets. They were unable to stop by the Grange Building while in DC due to their trip taking place over a weekend.

Amanda spoke with National Grange Lecturer about Potomac Grange’s resolution to present certificates to WWII vets in 2013 and he was excited over this new program. Amanda also spoke to him about doing a DVD for local Lecturers to use in their programming for 2013. Friend of the Grange or Honored Friend are two of the suggestions for the Certificates.

New Business

Discussion on Delegate Gift for the 2012 Convention, it was noted we would like to stay with the Kitchen them. With that in mind Jessie Cope presented various options and it was decided to look into the multi-use measuring spoon. It comes in various colors and is dishwasher safe and is $0.74 a piece. Minimum order is 350 and it was suggested we give away any extras at Convention if a Grange Cookbooks was purchased from the Grange Store in Boise. We will make final decision on gift at next meeting.

Also, Amanda and Samantha have put together several new donation programs and they include: Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonalad, Pushpin ConAgra Foods, Labels for Education, and Box Tops for Education. If you would like to help please send the items to Samantha Johnson at 1616 H St., NW, Washington, DC 20006. Also, if you would like more information, contact Samantha at [email protected].

Jessie informed us that the Registration forms for Delegates are complete and will be ready for members in the coming week.

Jessie brought up the fact that the 150th Session will occur in Washington, DC in 2016 and as part of the Host Committee we should be thinking of anything we might like to do for the event.

Ideas were discussed on things we could do such as: reception on the Hill in the Ag Room in the Longworth Building. The National Master appears to want the tour to include the Cemeteries where four of our Founders are buried, along with a visit to the Birth Place Marker. Samantha suggested adding the Botanical Gardens to the tour, due to its connection with William Saunders. Grace talked about not having a Fly-In that year, instead doing a Hill day during National Convention.

Samantha announced the National Lecturers Photo Contest will be ongoing again this year at Convention and would like Potomac Grange to participate again. The theme for Potomac Grange photos would be images of Washington, DC, what do you think of as representing our home. Rules that must be followed it can be no smaller than a 4×6 and no bigger than 11×14 (includes matting if used); it can be in color or black and white; film or digital; no frame; Grange members only and no professional photographers. Please have entries to Samantha by Potomac Grange’s September meeting.

Eric Johnson our special guest from the National Association of Counties (NAC) spoke with us about the background of his organization and what they do to help rural America. One of their programs included educating youth in civic engagement by using a video game to help them learn all about what counties do. The National Grange hopes to work with NAC in developing programs for our Junior and Youth members. Eric also discussed the Affordable Care Act and its effect on rural healthcare and counties.

Leroy discussed with us the “Free for All” sponsored by Shakespeare and Company, August 23-September 5th, 2012. This year’s play will be All’s Well that Ends Well” and will be at Harmon Hall free of charge. He asked us to consider a donation of anywhere between $500-$2000 to Shakespeare and Company to help them put on the “Free for All” in return Potomac Grange would be listed as a sponsor and we would receive tickets. A motion was raised and passed that Potomac Grange #1 donates $500 to Shakespeare and Company from the Kyle Fund. Also, discussed that we look at Shakespeare and Company to see if they would be able to put on or help with the 7th Degree during the 150th Session.

The meeting was adjourned at 10 a.m.

Next Meeting

The next Potomac Grange #1 meeting will be July 17, 2012 at 8:30 a.m. in the Saunders Library of the National Grange Building in Washington, DC.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard B. Weiss, Secretary
Potomac Grange #1