Happy news! A grant for better heating and lights!

Today, we received amazing news.  The Tillamook Public Utility District, our  consumer owned public electrical utility, awarded us a Community Service Grant for $5000, to help us begin to upgrade our heating and lighting system, and bring energy efficiency and cost savings to the Fairview Grange.  

The PUD conducted an engineering study for us in November, which demonstrates our need for modern heat pumps and LED lighting, and other electrical needs, and now we can begin to move ahead.  

The new heating and lighting will allow us to make the Grange more comfortable for the community, and all the numerous community events we are now scheduling at the Grange.  And, our finances will improve, due to the efficiencies of the new systems.  

We are very grateful for the PUD for their charity, advice, and community spirit. And, we will apply for other grants and donations, so that we can move ahead with improving the Grange.  

We rejoice that we live in a generous and community-oriented community. Thank you, PUD!


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