August 10, 2022 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the Zoom meeting to order at 12:07 p.m. Participating were Vice President Leroy Watson, Board Chairperson Cheri Watson, Secretary Richard Weiss, Community Service Director Loretta Washington, Chaplin Mark Gibbons, Flora Stephanie Wilkins, and Legislative Director Burton Eller.

The July 13, 2022 minutes were approved as presented.


No report. 


President-Mark Gibbons, Vice-President/Overseer-Leroy Watson, Steward-Burton Eller, Assistant Steward and Lady Assistant Steward-Loretta Washington, Chaplin -Stephanie Wilkins, Secretary-Richard Weiss, Ceres-Loretta Washington, Flora-Stephanie Wilkins, Pomona-Cheri Watson, Executive Committee Chairperson-Cheri Watson, Executive Committee members-Joan Smith, and Richard Weiss. Additional officers will be installed during future meetings.

Mark assumed management of the meeting. His theme for the coming year will be “fund raising and membership.” He already has membership prospects.


World Food Forum – Dick Weiss will be seeing a friend from Italy who works for the United Nations on agricultural issues. The UN is involved with the World Food Forum. He will find out what she may know about the program.

Building Sale – Burton Eller reported that new prospects have come to see the building.

Dictionaries for DC Schools – Joan Smith has purchased a case of twenty-four dictionaries for $96.00. She has contacted a DC school official who will guide distribution in the fall.


Delegate to National Session, Nov 13-20, Sparks, NV – Burton Eller moved that newly elected president Mark Gibbons be Potomac Grange #1’s delegate to the 2022 National Session. Dick Weiss seconded the motion. Mark confirmed that he will be available. The motion passed. Joan explained that the Potomac delegate is non-voting.

National Grow Club Request – The National Grow Club raises funds through a silent auction during National Session. This year it is also reaching out directly to Granges for financial support. Leroy Watson is a member. He clarified that the Grow Club uses the funds as educational scholarships for Grange members and that any contribution from Potomac would be direct not part of the auction. Asked about a proper amount, he indicated anywhere from $100.00 up.

Dick Weiss moved Potomac Grange contribute $500.00 directly to the Grow Club with funds coming from the Kile Fund.  Mark Gibbons seconded. Cheri Watson moved to amend to motion by designating the contribution be for scholarships only. Mark Gibbons seconded, and the amended motion passed.


Mark’s one week old grandson will soon join the Grange.


Thoughts go to Nancy Flinn who is dealing with cancer.


There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 12:53 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Weiss, Secretary
Potomac Grange #1