May 12, 2021 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the virtual meeting to order at 12:04 ET.  Also participating were Steward Amanda Brozana Rios, Treasurer Jessie Cope, Board member Cheri Watson, Secretary Richard Weiss, members Samantha Wilkins, Mark Gibbons, and Kennedy Gwin, and joining later Overseer Leroy Watson.

The March 10, 2021 meeting minutes were approved as read.


BB&T Operating Account current balance:                        $1,536.47
PNC Kile Fund account current balance:                           $67,698.33

All Kile Fund checks have cleared. Last deposit was $3,135.75 on 3/26. Net income for the Mid-Atlantic Leaders Conference was $615.78. Total expenses were $1,850.73 with the remainder covered by the Kile Fund.


Grange Revival: To date, there are104 attendees signed up. Potomac will not do the Olympics this year. Instead, we will run Bingo. We have some cards and daubers left from the Mid Atlantic Leaders Conference. Joan will purchase more and ship them to Sturgis, SD. Amanda noted there will be free entry and travel to Mount Rushmore. Potomac will be recognized as a Revival sponsor.

Kile Fund IRS Status-Leroy Watson: Leroy is getting paperwork together before hiring outside help which he feels will be necessary.

NAITC Conference-June 27-July1, Des Moines, Iowa:

Joan will attend virtually for a $50.00 registration fee. Amanda will be traveling close to Des Moines on National Grange business and can hop into the conference to make our annual teacher award. Ag in the Classroom wants a $435.00 conference registration fee for her to do so. Joan has never paid a registration fee to attend the conference because we are a $3,700.00 a year sponsor. It was decided to have Joan deal with NAITC staff regarding the registration fee. Jessie then moved to support Amanda’s cost to make the presentation at no more than $600.00. After some clarification of Potomac’s potential costs, Jessie amended her motion to reduce the coverage to $50.00 for meals and essentials. Weiss seconded and the motion passed. Cheri suggested Joan also question her $50.00 fee.
Grange Foundation TELETHON-Saturday, June 5-12noon to 8:00pm:
The Telethon goal is to raise $50,000 for the National Grange Junior and Youth function which is approximately $20,000 short of covering its expenses due to lack of member contributions. Telethon contribution levels with corresponding recognition go as high as $25,000. Leroy advised that the Agate level of $5,000 would conform with Kile Fund guidelines. Amanda moved and Jessie seconded that Potomac make a $5,000 contribution to the Junior and Youth foundation. The motion passed.
Leroy moved that Potomac also make a $1,000 contribution from the Kile Fund to the National Grange Endowment fund in memory of former member Harry Massey. Amanda seconded and the motion passed. Amanda also suggested that Potomac consider sponsoring two pages in Good Day magazine.
Rachael recently achieved her career best in the long jump and hurdles. In the Fall she will attend Hofstra University in Hempstead New York.
There were no “Good of the Order” issues and no members sick or in distress.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:16 p.m. Next meeting is June 9 at 12noon.
Respectfully Submitted,

Richard B. Weiss, Secretary
Potomac Grange #1