February 21, 2017 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the conference call meeting to order at 12:05 p.m. EST.  Also on the line initially were Steward Amanda Brozana, Secretary Richard Weiss and Allison Archebault. National Grange President Betsy Huber joined the call later.

The January 24, 2017 minutes were approved as read by Secretary Weiss.

Bee Hive Business

  • The Bee Hive Club has asked Joan if it could meet a couple times a year in the Grange Building’s Goss conference room. She will check availability with Stephanie Tiller.  The question was raised regarding Potomac Grange providing refreshments for the meetings.  There appeared to be consensus to do so.
  • The Bee Hive Corporation, a for-profit company that conducts bee care educational classes, also asked Joan about using the Goss conference room to conduct classes. It would require one week a night for three hour sessions.  Courses run eight weeks.  Given that this is a for-profit organization, the National Grange would charge a fee.  Due to the three-hour sessions, there would be additional expense to maintain the guard on duty beyond 7: 00 p.m.  Joan will convey the request to Stephanie Tiller.  Bee Care Corporation would like to start in March.
  • Potomac Grange also needs up to eight dates in March for its educational sessions.
  • It was decided that Potomac Grange #1 will purchase its bee care equipment needs out of the Kile Fund given the educational nature of the program.  (Allison Archebault left the call at this point.)

Fly-In/Youth Ag Day

Potomac Grange #1 has given the National Grange a $3,000 grant to cover two

Fly-in scholarships of up to $800.00 each and the purchase of Congressional guide books. To date, only one scholarship has been taken and the application deadline has been extended to March 1.  National has asked Potomac if not requested for the Fly-in by March 1, could the $800.00 be made available for the March 21 – 23 Youth Ag Day.  After discussion, it was moved, seconded and passed to make the $800.00 available to the Youth Ag Day and applied at the discretion of the Youth Leader.  Because there was not a quorum at the time of the vote, the proposal will be emailed to all Potomac Grange members for input.

Presidents’ Conference

President Smith reported on the Presidents’ Conference held in Norwich Connecticut February 17 to 19.  The 48 attendees included presidents from a variety of states as well as Connecticut past delegates.  Speakers were outstanding: informative and educational.

Other Business

  • Joan will supply Washington State with a copy of the 2016 Annual Convention budget to help them with planning for this year’s convention.
  • Joan will file for extensions on Potomac Grange’s 2013 to 2016 9090s.


There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 12:47 p.m. EST.


Respectfully submitted,

Richard B Weiss

Secretary, Potomac Grange #1