September 20, 2016 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the meeting to order via telephone at 12:05 p.m. EDT. Also online were Executive Committee member Cheri Watson, Overseer Leroy Watson, Secretary Richard Weiss, Steward Amanda Brozana, Flora Stephanie Wilkins, National Grange President Betsy Huber, Grange Legislative Director Burton Eller and Grange Program Director Loretta Washington.

Kile Fund

President Smith informed us that she is working on tracking 2015 Kile Fund contributions.  Burton Eller confirmed that National Grange received a $3,000.00 contribution from the Kile Fund for the 2015 Fly In.  It could be that the check was issued in 2014.  Joan will check the 2014 disbursements.


The June 21, 2016 Potomac Grange meeting minutes were approved as read.

Youth and Fellows Programs

Amanda Brozana reported that she is working on a youth t-shirt design featuring a sash printed on the front with words “Future Leader.”  The plan would be for Potomac Grange to pay for the production and give the first 25 free to the youth drill team. The remainder would be sold as fundraisers.  There were some questions about suppliers and quality levels. As most of the meeting participants had not seen the design, it was decided to table a decision at this time.  Amanda will email the design to us.

Regarding the Fellows polos, Amanda has found other sources of funding and does not need help from the Kile Fund. Also, the Fellows pay their own travel expenses, so there is no request for travel funding from the Kile Fund.

150th Convention

President Smith informed us that Potomac Grange delegate Grace Boatright has been named chairman of the Transportation Committee.

Dick Weiss will help out with the Monday night tour and has volunteered to cover the office during the week.  He pointed out that he has been asked to go to the hotel on Wednesday.  Plans to cover Thursday need to be worked out.

President Smith notified us that New Jersey will again present a resolution granting voting power on resolutions but not on candidates to Potomac Grange. She also said that there has been discussion of an idea to appoint a “delegate at large” to represent Potomac Grange and states that have not yet qualified for full voting privileges. Following discussion raised questions as to how the delegate would be chosen and how differing opinions among the states would be resolved.  Consensus was that Potomac’s case is unique and we would be best off going it on our own and that NJ should continue to submit their Potomac Grange Voting Rights Resolution.

Joan noted that the National Grange President’s reception will be held in the hospitality suite. About 120 attendees are expected and the space can accommodate that many.  As the hotel’s cooking equipment cannot be used, the plan is to serve pre-prepared items such as wraps.  Jessie Cope and Joan have checked out Costco and plan to stock up from there.  Full sheet cake will also be served for dessert with our Host Region Logo.  It was decided to serve the dessert before attendees leave for the evening budget presentation. Potomac will also offer snacks at the building tour on Monday.

Joan noted the need for crock pots in the hospitality suite as some states plan to serve soup, chili.

She also reminded that Monday’s changing of the guard at Arlington National Cemetery will be at 4:00 p.m. and the laying of the wreath at 4:15.

Other Business

Betsy Huber notified us of the completion of the Grange PBS video.  She has been using it at state sessions. It will start running on 300 PBS stations in a couple weeks.

Joan alerted us that Potomac’s 2015 tax return has yet to be filed.  This stems from the fact that Potomac has been without a Treasurer for almost two years and right now National Grange Treasurer Stuart Hughes cannot fill that role.  Joan asked if someone can help out.

Dick Weiss noted that second quarter dues have yet to be paid and promised immediate attention.

Granger in Need

Stephanie Tiler’s mother has been hospitalized with heart problems.  Stephanie and her mother are in our thoughts and we offer out support during this trying time.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Weiss
Secretary, Potomac Grange #1