June 17, 2014 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the meeting to order at 9:15 a.m. in the 10th floor Saunders Library of the National Grange Building in Washington, DC. Also present in the building were Lecturer Samantha Johnson, Flora Stephanie Wilkins, Steward Amanda Brozana, Lady Assistant Steward Jessie Cope, Secretary Richard Weiss and potential new member guests Mar Kelly and Allison Archambault. Present via telephone was Overseer Leroy Watson.

The April 22, 2014 meeting minutes were approved as amended, the amendment being to note that the Youth Conference Sign a Song judges were from Gallaudet University.

Treasurers Report

In the absence of Treasurer Bobbi Rencevicz, Lecturer Johnson supplied the following financial information.

Kile Fund

Value of Bank of America trust as of 3/31/2014                           $316,360.00
PNC Checking Account balance as of 3/31/2014                            $34,836.08
Check #1746 to American Express                                                           – 923.37
Check # 1747 to National Grange                                                              – 621.93
Check # 1748 to Joan Smith                                                                          -27.56
Check #1749 to National Grange for Metro Cards and Store              -799.00
Deposit Registration money                                                                     + 780.00
Deposit Grange Store Sales                                                                      + 308.00

Balance as of 5/20/2014                                                                        $33,552.22

Operating Account

Balance at BB&T Bank as of 4/30/2014                                                     $941.62

Old Business

President Smith raised a question about the status of the Solar Demonstration Kiosk at the National Arboretum towards the construction of which Potomac Grange contributed $3,500.00 in 2012. Samantha Johnson will call the Arboretum and inquire as to the construction status. If there is no definitive date, it is felt Potomac Grange should ask for the return of its money.

The Eastern Regional Youth Conference hosted by Potomac Grange April 4through 6 went well with 45 attendees participating in several activities including a tour of Ford’s Theater and Museum. Workshops were held on communications, advocacy and other Grange functions. Competitions included public speaking, Sign-a-Song, and drills. For their community service project Grangers made dog toys and treats for the Washington Humane Society, for which a “thank you” letter was recently received.

Discussion turned to the possibility of Potomac Grange financing improvements to the Goss Conference room kitchen in the National Grange Building. After some discussion, it was determined that the improvements could be paid out of the Kile Fund as a contribution to the National Grange.

Building Engineer Sandor Szima joined the meeting and described what improvements could be made and the approximate cost, which came to $6,000.00. Sandor will do a formal cost estimate.

New Business

Amanda Brozana will look into a T-shirt program to raise funds for the Youth Foundation in memory of Wib Justi. She will work on a logo incorporating Wib’s famous “I’d be delighted.”

The Potomac Grange book and bake sale will be held June 18 and 19 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Goss Conference Room.

President Smith explained Grange structure and ritual to our visiting guests.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m. Next meeting will be Tuesday, July 15 at 9:00 a.m. in the 10th floor Saunders Library of the National Grange Building in Washington, DC.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard B. Weiss, Secretary
Potomac Grange #1