March 20, 2012

Overseer Leroy Watson called the meeting to order via telephone at 8:35 a.m.  Also present via telephone was Executive Committee member Cheri Watson.  Present in the Saunders Library of the National Grange Building in Washington, D.C. were Lady Assistant Steward Jessie Cope, Lecturer Samantha Johnson, Treasurer Amber Bell, Flora Stephanie Wilkins and Secretary Richard Weiss.

Minutes of the February 28, 2012 meeting were approved as written and read by Lecturer Samantha Johnson.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Amber Bell reported the following:

As of February 29, 2012, the Operating Fund Balance at BB&T Bank was $748.84
As of February 29, 2012, the Kile Fund balance at PNC Bank was $27,206.88

Treasurer Bell will meet with PNC Bank officials to set up a new account for deposit of Kile Fund principal payments from Bank of America (See January 17, 2012 minutes.) and to discuss elimination of fees on the Kile Fund account.

The Kile Fund 990 is due to the IRS by May 15, 2012.  Bell will work with our outside accountant to meet this date.

Old Business

Washington Youth Garden – Lecturer Samantha Johnson met with Kaifa Anderson-Hall and Dana Faulkner of the Washington Youth Garden to discuss a possible donation by Potomac Grange #1 to the Youth Garden.  Johnson was present with a “wish list” of specific donations ranging from $250.00 to $5,000.00.  After review and discussion of the list it was moved, seconded and passed to contribute $3,500.00 to install a Solar Demonstration Kiosk on the Youth Garden site.  Working solar panels to demonstrate solar energy principals and applications will be contributed by Alfred University of Alfred, New York.  Potomac Grange will contribute the “garden shed” style kiosk to house the learning site.  The contribution is contingent on some form of recognition on the kiosk itself.  Samantha will relay this to the Youth Garden people.

Yankee Candle Fund Raiser – Lecturer Johnson informed the group that the Yankee Candle spring scents are available and that Amanda Brozana is preparing promotional fliers.  It was agreed that starting April 1, Potomac Grange #1 will undertake a fund raiser featuring the Yankee Candles, which Potomac will purchase through National.  The fliers will be used to promote the candles to building tenants, friends and families.  Progress will be assessed at the April meeting to determine if the campaign should continue.

Fly-in ScholarshipsInformation about the Potomac Grange scholarships for the National Grange Fly-in has gone out and two applications have been received.

New Business

Bonding – It was moved and seconded to purchase $25,000 worth of officer bonding insurance for $99.00.  After some discussion, the motion was amended to purchase $30,000 worth for $106.00.  The amendment and amended motion both passed.

Junior Grange

Rachael Watson will sign the Star Spangled Banner at her school Talent Day.

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 9:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard B. Weiss, Secretary
Potomac Grange #1