Chinese Auction! Theme Basket Raffle                                 chineseauction                                          Sat. Mar 18th, 2017      1 PM till 4 PM

Also, Raffle off Win 10 Computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse, speakers, Plus a Kids Picnic Bench

Hotdogs and beverage will be available for a donation!

Annual Chicken Bar-B-Cue –  Last Sunday of May 28th, 2017

Also, will be adding a Rummage Sale in conjuction with event!

Annual Roast Pork Dinner – last Sunday of Oct. 30, 2016 
 Will take donations of Electronic Equipment to recycle, such as:    Phones, Cell Phones, and Audio Equipment, microwaves, vaccum cleaners, fans, electric heaters, coffee makers (no glass pots) and blenders, (no glass containers, base only.  Computers,  keyboards, mice, cables, video game consoles, laptops, scanners, printers, fax machines, copiers, vcr players, dvd players,  digital converter boxes, (NO TV’s or Monitors.)

We Collect clothes for St Pauly’s Mission year round
(collected 477,700 lbs.since June of 2003)                                            St. Pauly Textile Phone (Toll Free): 866-924-7941 Email the founder!,               Joe DeGeorge:     [email protected]    

We also Collect:                                                                         – recycle print cartridges
– cancelled postage stamps
– tops from aluminum pop cans
– Betty Crocker Box Tops

Recycling Newspaper for Pioneer School Band




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