March 10, 2021 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the Zoom meeting to order at 12:10 p.m. ET.  Also participating were Overseer Leroy Watson, Executive Committee member Cheri Watson, Treasurer Jessica Cope, Secretary Richard Weiss, Steward Amanda Brozana Rios and member Mark Gibbons.


BB&T Operating Account: 2,584.83

There are two membership payments pending. Also, Mid-Atlantic Leaders Conference registration payments will be transferred from the $617.69 PayPal account to the Operating Account from which Conference expenses will be paid.

Kile Fund: $65,821.83

It appears that Potomac Grange and possibly the Kile Fund have lost 501(c)3 tax exemption status for failing to submit annual filings to the IRS and the DC Government.  There is some confusion as to whether there are two separate EIN accounts or only one covering both entities.

Rectifying the situation may involve outside legal and financial assistance at some cost.  Leroy will oversee the effort.  He made it clear that any costs related to the Kile Fund can legally be paid out of the fund.

Jessie Cope moved to seek professional guidance regarding our tax status and pay and reasonable and customary fees for such assistance from the Kile Fund.  Leroy Watson seconded the motion and the motion passed.


The virtual Mid-Atlantic Leaders’ Conference takes place March 19 and 20. Sixty-four people have registered so far. Jessie has distributed 51 boxes with bingo cards and daubers, craft materials, community service project items, snacks and a recipe. National Grange Lecturer Chris Hamp may pre-record her presentation because she is administering COVID-19 vaccination shots in upper Washington State.

The 2021 Grange Revival is scheduled for July 20 -25 at the Days End Campground in Sturgis, South Dakota.  Amanda reports that folks are still planning to participate.  Potomac Grange has been asked to again sponsor the Olympics event.  Joan pointed out that this event requires a lot of equipment that must be shipped ahead of time.  She suggested we volunteer to sponsor Bingo Night(s).  Amanda could lug that equipment in her car.

Ag in the Classroom-Joan: In January we filed our annual report to National Agriculture in the Classroom.  Our annual dues to NAITC of $300 was paid and the fee to maintain our DC Website was paid by Jessie.


Virtual Ag Day Event sponsored by USDA has invited Grangers to participate on March 22.

National Grange Virtual Fly-in is scheduled for April 7.  As there will be no travel involved, Potomac Grange has not been asked for financial support.

National Grange Youth Fund is approximately $3,000.00 short in covering their expenses due to low participation of donations in the Grange Foundation. The program is appealing for support.  There was discussion about contributing to the Youth Foundation from the Kile Fund. While no final decision was made, Jessie recommended that any contribution be direct toward something specific, not just flat-out.

National Grange Month is April.  Due to remaining Covid risks and restrictions, it was decided not to have our annual tenant breakfast.

The Ag in the Classroom Website-Potomac Grange has recently paid for our DC Ag- in-the- Classroom Website.  We can post our materials at no further cost and recently posted and article on farm workers. The site is maintained by the University of Utah.

Membership-There appears to be several prospective new members.  Weiss will send a 2021 dues notice to Kennedy Gwin.

There were no “Good of the Order” issues and there were no members sick or in distress.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 1:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard B. Weiss, Secretary
Potomac Grange #1

February 10, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Meeting, held via Zoom, called to order at 12:06 p.m. on Feb. 10, 2021.

In attendance was Joan C Smith, Leroy Watson, Jessie Cope, Cheryl Watson, Burton Eller and Amanda Brozana Rios. Brother Dick Weiss called out sick.


BB&T Operating Account: 2,404.83 as of 2/10/21

  • Odd note: Jan. 29 “counter deposit” of $25. Check with membership records or with Stephanie, was likely Burton’s cash dues.
  • In this calendar year, we have not received any new dues except that $25 deposit.
  • A reminder would be ideal with info on when dues would come up (i.e. if we have a few years left or are due now)

Kile Fund: $66,123.53 as of 2/10/21

  • Last Deposit was $2,859 quarterly Deposit in December 2020
  • Recently the $300 check cleared for Ag in the Classroom Annual Dues
  • Another $300 check for annual web-hosting for Ag in the Classroom


PayPal account has been receiving incoming money for the Mid-Atlantic Grange Leaders Conference. Jessie requested clarification on where that money will go to since Kile Fund is being used to cover our fees. Proposes we would use the money gathered to give/reimburse Kile Fund or use operating money (from these deposits) first then dip into Kile Fund.

14 people have signed up and paid for MAGLC. Joan is disappointed with the turnout so far. Three other registrants have requested more information.

Joan has been preparing some materials for Goodie Boxes for all Registered attendees and Jessie is prepared to send and distribute.

Leroy has proposed expanding our invitation list. Northeast has already canceled their Regional conference. We can send a direct appeal. All are in favor of sending the same email to the leaders from NE states at least that was sent to all Mid-Atlantic leaders. .

By Feb. 24, we will decide if we are going to hold the conference or if there are too few registrants.

Amanda will provide the instruction/discussion for the Community Service workshop. Joan has gotten Christmas cards to provide for the opportunity and we will include an addressed envelope (to Marlys Halbeisen, 10650 West 45th Avenue, Wheatridge, CO 80033) for people to send the completed cards


No scholarships are needed for the Fly-in as it is planned to be virtual.

Junior and Youth Appeal letter has come in. We cannot act because we do not have a quorum.

Meeting was interrupted at 12:43 p.m. (Zoom connection error). Attendees all got back on at 12:44 p.m


Report from the Watsons on our Grange Youth: Rachel is currently applying to and being accepted to several colleges. We will send her a care package when she goes off to school.

Discussion of Youth program that serves to encourage Home away from Home

There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 12:53 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Secretary Pro-Temp
Amanda Brozana-Rios

January 14, 2021 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the Zoom meeting to order at 12:05 EST. Also participating were Flora Stephanie Wilkins, Secretary Richard Weiss, and National Grange Legislative Affairs Director Burton Eller.


  • The conference will be held via Zoom Friday, March 19 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. and Saturday, March 20 from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with the option to as late as 9:00 p.m.
  • Burton suggested that a possible speaker for Friday might be Nona Bear, a healthcare policy expert who has worked with the Grange. There was agreement that healthcare would be a topic of interest to the conference participants, which include Youth and Juniors.  Burton suggested a half-hour for Nona to speak followed by up to a half-hour for questions.  He will check out Nona’s availability.
  • The Saturday agenda will be as follows: 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.-Junior activities, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.-Youth activities, 11:00 a.m. to Noon-Leadership/Membership, Lunch from Noon to 1:00 p.m., 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.- crafts (when registering, each participant will purchase a $5.00 to $10.00 packet containing craft materials as well as snacks. The packet will be sent to them ahead of time.), 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.-Advocacy, Lecturer, Community Service, Benefits and Grange Foundation, 4:00 p.m.-wrap-up.

Joan stressed the importance of getting the registration forms out ASAP. She will work with Jessie Cope on this and then Stephanie will target email it to members of the participating states which are Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and Potomac Grange.


  • It was agreed to pay at this time the $300.00 annual dues to National Agriculture in the Classroom and our 4th quarter 2020 dues to National Grange.
  • It was decided not to increase Potomac Grange dues in 2021 and Dick Weiss will go ahead and get the 2021 notices out.
  • Burton informed us that he will have four interns this coming semester. One assignment will be working with interns from RetireSafe on a joint grant project.

Next meeting is February 10 at 12 Noon.  There was no further business and the meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Weiss
Secretary, Potomac Grange #1

December 9, 2020 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon EST via Zoom.  Also present were Treasurer Jessie Cope, Flora Stephanie Wilkins, National Grange Programs Director Loreta Washington, and Secretary Dick Weiss

Joan set a holiday theme for the meeting with jokes and quizzes about Thanksgiving.


  • Scheduled for March 19, 20, 21, 2021 via National Grange Zoom.
  • Agreed to a $10.00 Virtual Meeting charge.
  • Saturday will start with presentations by Youth, Junior and Membership departments.
  • Volunteers: Logistics- Jessie Cope, IT-Stephanie Wilkins, Loreta Washington will present new benefits aimed at youth.
  • Zoom hours: Friday-7:30 to 9:30 p.m., Saturday-8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., Sunday- It was decided not to have programing on Sunday.


Operating fund current balance at BB&C Bank                                 $2,470.83
Kile Fund current balance at PNC Bank                                            $63,568.43

On November 20, the account received a distribution of $6,546.00.


  • We need to calculate how much the Kile Fund will owe the Grange Foundation based on our contributions to the “20 in 20” fund.
  • It was passed that Potomac Grange officers be bonded at the level of our checking account.
  • The current officers were re-elected to serve until 2022.
  • The roster will be supplied to National and Grace, who holds two offices, will be asked to update her membership.

Nobody is in distress or need and the meeting ended with quizzes on singers of Christmas songs and happenings of past years.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:05 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Weiss
Secretary, Potomac Grange #1

October 14, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order at 12:00pm by President Joan C. Smith.  Minutes of the last meeting were summarized and approved.


The Treasurer Report was delayed till our December meeting.  Discussion by members on the fact that we have received notification from DC that our Tax Exempt Status will expire in Jan 2021.  An investigation by Joan with Dick Weiss, Leroy, Fran Vitt as well as a search of the NG Comptrollers office for documentation, found that in 2016 a letter from  the IRS suspended our Non-Profit Tax Exemption Status for the lack of filing any annual reports.  MOTION by Amanda that we reestablish that the PG is a non-profit entity with both the IRS and DC.  2nd by Leroy and carried.   We currently have a FEIN for Potomac Grange #1 and an FEIN for the Kile Fund which must be addressed during this effort.    Leroy noted that Kile Fund dollars can be used if an attorney fees are incurred.


$20 in 2020 Matching

At our May meeting, PG#1 voted to match a gift from any of our members who contributed to this Youth fundraising effort.  Stephanie Wilkins to provide the list of our members to Mandy so she can conduct a cross-mapping of funds contributed to our membership and provide us the information so we can cut a check to the Grange Foundation.

NAITC Summit

The Leadership Virtual Conference will be held 10-11 November with workshops and a Council meeting.

NG Session Resolutions/Policy

Joan has provided emails to the Agriculture Committee Chair on the “Hallah Food Certification” concern and to the Chair of Health/Education Committee on the Parental vice Family Leave issue.  Burton and Stephanie verified that our two resolutions:  NG Youth Executive Board member and Veterans VA Home Loans had been received.   SharePoint training by our Stephanie for Session Delegates/Committees/ is on the 27 of October Zoom.


PGA#1 Zoom Line

We will use the free Zoom meeting line (40 minutes) for 100 connections for our next meeting.  Stephanie to set-up.

Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

We received notification that we can host a virtual conference in March.  We decided on 20 March, Saturday, we will keep Friday available for a workshop or Guest Speaker also.  Saturday evening, we will do Trivia.  We will charge $10 to register to cover any workshop needs and perhaps a goodie bag provided to registrants.  Any remaining funds would go to the Junior Grange.


2 AITC (Cotton Boll, Wood Spinning, Farming in a Glove [would need to provide to registrants the supplies], Junior Director, Youth Director, Membership Director, Lecturer, +, + Look for a guest speaker; Jr and Youth contests to be help at the PA Family Festival in July 2021.  Committee – Amanda, Jessie, Joan – Burton will look for a guest speaker as well as others

2021 Revival

No new news.  PG#1 to conduct the Olympics (game items, metals, printing)


Loretta spoke on the new NG CashBack program which kicks off this Friday

We will not meet in November.  Next virtual/zoom meeting, Wednesday, 9 December at noon

Meeting Adjourned at 1:05

Respectfully Submitted,

Joan C. Smith

August 12, 2020 Meeting Minutes

President Joan C. Smith called the meeting to order via telephone at 12:03 p.m. EDT.  Also, on the call were Overseer Leroy Watson, Executive Committee member Cheri Watson, Secretary Richard Weiss, Steward Amanda Brozana Rios Treasure Jessie Cope, member David Watson of First Financial Group. Amanda’s guests Johanna Huber and Kennedy Quin, National Grange Programs Director Loretta Washington and Nation Grange Legislative Director Burton Eller.

The June 11, 2020 minutes were approved as read.


Kile Fund current balance at PNC Bank $54,171.53
This includes a quarterly deposit of $2,859.00

Operating Fund current balance at BB&T Bank$2,568.83
This after the 2nd quarter dues check had cleared

Leroy Watson inquired how the “$20 in 2020” matching funds from the Kile Fund to the Youth Development Fund are being tracked.  Right now, there appears to be no system.  After discussion, it was agreed to have National Grange Youth and Young Adult Director Mandy Bostwick match her list of contributors at the campaign’s October close against Potomac Grange’s membership list.

At the close of 2019, the Kile Fund balance at Bank of America was $326,864. Distributions for the year totaled $8,900 and fees totaled $5,900.   Leroy pointed out that over the years, the fund has declined from over $500, 000 to the current balance.  He is concerned that at the mandatory rates of distributions and fees, the fund will run out of money and that will be our contribution to future generations.  He recommended investing forty-five thousands of the fifty-four-thousand-dollar bank balance.

David Watson estimated First Financial Group’s fees would run between 1.00% to 1.25 %.  While the market is still volatile, David feels there will be long term growth.

Amanda encouraged investing a portion of our funds with FFG. After discussion, Treasurer Cope moved that $40,000 of the current Kile Fund bank balance be invested. Leroy Watson seconded, and the motion passed.  The invested funds will not be restricted and can be retrieved if needs arise.


2021 Mid-Atlantic Regional Leadership Conference

Potomac Grange has been asked to sponsor this conference in March 2021.  It would involve from 75 to 80 adult and 40 youth and junior participants from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and West Virginia.

There was discussion as to what costs would be covered by Potomac Grange.  These could range anywhere from some hotel and meals to only meals and miscellaneous expenses, tour, metro, transportation.  A registration fee of twenty to twenty-five dollars would cover some cost.  We would not want to make it higher so as not to discourage participation.

Next question was lodging and meeting space.  In addition to a large meeting space, three break-out rooms would be required. Joan already has a current quote off $79.00 a night from Club Quarters.  It is not sure this will hold in March if COVID-19 is gone.  Also, Jessie said the rooms are small and she is not sure about bed arrangements.  It is not clear if Club Quarters has food service.  Burton mentioned that in the past we have prepared food in-house because of the high cost of hotel food.  Jessie suggested the 4-H Center.  She though buying their meal program might be required with the rooms.  Loretta stated that in addition to having everything we need, using the 4-H Center would help build relationships and lead to additional members.  Jessie warned against getting into up-front, non-refundable commitments.  Cheri Watson noted that the Coronavirus could still be around in March.  There was consensus to move the meeting to June 2021.

Amanda Rios moved we host the Mid-Atlantic Leadership Conference at the 4-H Center in June 2021.  Loretta Washington seconded the motion.  Jessie Cope moved to amend the motion by first exploring the impact of moving to June 2021 and having a recommendation on the hotel, meals, meeting space, etc. by August 31, 2020.  It was decided that we can vote on the recommendation by email.  The motion passed as amended.  Joan, Jessie and Amanda volunteered to be the recommendation committee.

July 2021 Revival -Sturgis, South Dakota

Potomac Grange has been asked to again sponsor the “Olympics” at this function.  The Olympics being a series of games and contests.  Last year’s costs ran around $2,400, mostly for several hundred winners’ ribbons.  Joan will look into what needs to be purchased for 2021 and get back with a cost.


Hallah Foods

Resolution to strike this resolution calling for certification of Hallah foods from the 2019 Journal of Proceedings passed.

Parental Leave

Resolution to amend this resolution in the 2019 Journal of Proceedings from the term “parental leave” to “family leave” passed.

Add Youth Member to the Executive Committee/Board of Directors

Jessie Cope moved to pass resolution to add a Grange member between the ages of 14 and 35 to the Grange Executive Committee/Board of Directors for a one-year term with a limit of three terms.

Richard Weiss moved to amend the motion to two-year terms with a limit of two terms.  Jessie concurred.  Discussion followed.  Amanda argued that one-year terms would allow greater youth participation.  The amendment failed and the motion passed with one-year terms.

Joan informed us that passed resolutions to divide “youth” into two age groups have been rejected by the Delegate body. It was also moved and passed to change “Granger” to “Member” in the resolution’s title.

Youth and Junior Grange Funding Assessments

The resolution calls for an annual assessment of $1.00 on Fraternal and e-mail memberships with .50 cents going to Youth and Young Adult activities and .50 cents going to Junior Grange activities.  Activities to be covered by the National Grange budget include Director, general program. Ambassador costs  plus, costs for participants in regional events continue to come from the Grange Foundation.  The resolution was approved with a word change from “events” to “regional conference.”


A resolution asking National Grange to lobby for extending VA mortgage benefits to Reserve and National Guard members was not addressed.

A local Grange request to the National Grange and passed on to Potomac Grange for a $1,000.00 grant to purchase a spinning wheel was turned down by Potomac.

There were no members in need.

Due to time limitations the total agenda was not covered and may be continued by email.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Weiss, Secretary

June 11, 2020 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the meeting to order via telephone at 12:05 EDT. Also, on the call were Overseer Leroy Watson, Executive Committee member Cheri Watson, Steward Amanda Brozana Rios, Treasurer Jessie Cope, Secretary Richard Weiss and National Grange Programs Director Loretta Washington.

The May 13, 2020 minutes were approved as read.


Operating Account at BB&T Bank-current balance $2761.33

There is one outstanding dues check which has not been deposited due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Kile Fund Account at PNC Bank-current balance $52,354.87

All outstanding bills including Fly-in and DC Experience are paid up.

Papers for the 2019 Kile Fund year-end report have not yet been received from Bank of America. Jessie has given Joan the 2019 spread sheet. When completed, Joan will pass the report on to Leroy for co-signature.

YOUTH AND YOUTH ADULT – the Watsons reporting

Rachel Watson completed her school year on June 5 and is already doing summer studies. She is also gardening raising peppers and tomatoes to make salsa.

Joan encouraged contributions to the 20 for 20 Youth Foundation’s Ice Bucket Challenge (dump a bucket of ice over your head and send in $20.00.)

Later in the meeting Leroy Watson moved and Jessie Cope seconded that Potomac Grange #1 match all $20.00 contributions by its members up to the October 14 deadline.

GRANGE FOUNDATION – Joan reporting

481 tee shirts have been sold to raise funds for the foundation.

A photo of all ten Foundation members will run in Good Day Magazine and be posted on the National Grange website.

The Foundation will award ten $100.00 grants to Granges involved in COVID-19 community activities. The ten will be chosen randomly from the 98 entries.


National Ag in the Classroom – The March Summit Meeting has been moved to the Fall.  The June conference had over 800 virtual participants and the June 23 State meeting will be virtual.  Sarah Harward is the recent recipient of the Ag Advocate Award.

Grange Month Tenants Breakfast – After some discussion about rescheduling this event, Loretta Washington recommended that it be cancelled for the year. She pointed out that social distancing may last for some time and tenants likely would be hesitant to partake of a buffet. There was consensus to cancel.  Loretta also report that the Grange Building has lost two tenants to date.


National Convention – While the convention will still be held in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, only officers and delegates will participate, and it will be reduced to two days, Tuesday and Wednesday. Leroy pointed out that in addition to resolution business there will be an election of officers, a memorial service and budget review.

Many other activities will be held virtually at later dates.

It was moved and seconded that President Joan Smith be Potomac Grange #1’s delegate to the convention. The motion passed.

Joan suggested two potential resolutions for Potomac Grange. One recommending the elimination from the 2019 Policy Book of a resolution questioning the certification of foods meeting the definition as Hallah. She feels it appears prejudice toward Muslims.

The second being a resolution updating the term” parental leave” to “family leave” to come into compliance with new federal standards.

After some discussion in which Leroy pointed out that due to the shortness of the meeting, too many resolutions will be a problem. There was consensus to present only a resolution on the Hallah foods.


Joan encouraged those of us who feel the U.S. Postal Service should continue to be funded to write to our representatives.

There were no Good of the Order issues or Members in Need and the meeting adjourned at 1:25.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Weiss, Secretary

May 13, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Secretary Richard Weiss called the meeting to order via telephone at 12:15 p.m. EDT. Also, on the line were Overseer Leroy Watson, Executive Committee member Sheri Watson, National Grange Legislative Director Burton Eller, and, joining later, Potomac Grange Steward Amanda Brozana Rios.


Burton Eller reported that the House has passed a new $3.2 trillion COVID-19 relief bill. The bill has something for everybody including additional funds for cities and states. Leroy Watson asked if the bill included non-profits as small businesses needing aid. The bill does include non-profits, and Burton feels the Senate will not have concerns over this inclusion.

Burton does feel the Senate may be concerned with so much aid to cities and states so soon. The Senate also wants liability insurance for companies bringing back workers, e.g. meat packing plants, included in the bill. (A Reuters report later in the day reported that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared the bill “dead on arrival.”)


  • Amanda joined the meeting and asked if we wanted to receive the Journal of Proceedings in digital form. Most said “yes.”
  • Leroy asked if Potomac has paid National the promised DC Experience payment. Weiss read from the April 11, 2020 minutes to confirm that the commitment is $2,000. Amanda will follow up with Mandy Bostwick to have her submit an invoice.

There was no further business. The meeting adjourned at 12:45

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Weiss, Secretary

April 11, 2020 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the meeting to order via telephone at 12:05 p.m. EDT. Also online were Overseer Leroy Watson, Executive Committee member Cheri Watson, Treasurer Jessie Cope, Secretary Richard Weiss, National Grange Legislative Director Burton Eller, National Grange Program Director Loretta Washington and National Grange Operations Coordinator Samantha Wilkins.


Operations Fund current balance at BB&T Bank $2,761.33
Includes two recent new dues deposits totaling $85.00
Kile Fund current balance at PNC Bank $52, 403.87
This includes a recent distribution from the Fund of $11,436.00

There was discussion regarding Potomac’s payment to National for the DC Experience. Potomac guaranteed to cover air fare and incidental travel expenses up to $800.00 for each of the two scholarship winners. Mandy Bostwick inquired whether the remaining $400.00 could be used for other Experience expenses. The discussion focused on what really did we commit to, $1,600 or $2,000? Review of the October 2019 minutes revealed that the motion stated a $2,000 total commitment to National. There was consensus to make that amount available.


These minutes were included in the email meeting notice and did not require reading. The minutes were approved as written.


401K Plan – Leroy Watson presented this program at the recent Masters’ Meeting. He reported to us that plan implementation is on hold because many rural businesses have closed, and state conventions may be postponed due to COVID-19. There was some discussion on how to structure membership categories. Leroy also reported that at its April 1 meeting, the National Grange board focused on state meeting delays, not the 401K plan.

AG IN THE CLASSROOM – Joan Smith reported that by May 15 a decision will be made regarding the holding of this event scheduled for June.


Joan has received the dictionaries. She and Amanda are working on which DC schools will receive dictionaries after back in session.


T-Shirts – National Grange has “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER” T-shirts for sale in its website store. The Grange ID on the shirt is not real prominent, so it should have appeal beyond the Grange. To date fifty shirts have been sold.

National Grange Videos – National Grange is running daily videos on its Face Book site. The videos cover a range of topics.


Rachel is on remote learning and doing a few exercises at home.


Harry Massey is suffering from brain disease and has been moved to a group home.

There was no further business and Joan adjourned the meeting at 1:00 p.m. Next meeting May 6 at 12 noon EDT.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Weiss, Secretary

March 11, 2020 Meeting Minutes

President Joan Smith called the meeting to order via telephone at approximately 12:15 P.M. EDT. Also on the line were Overseer Leroy Watson, Executive Committee member Cheri Watson, Secretary Richard Weiss and National Grange Program Director Loretta Washington. 


DC Experience Potomac

Grange provided $800.00 each for two Grange Youth to facilitate their participation in the National Grange DC Experience program. The funds helped cover air fare and incidentals. One participant was from Washington State, the other from Nevada. Each presented an essay on why they wanted to attend the event. Using her Ag in the Classroom materials, Joan did a cotton ginning project contest in which the participant getting the most seeds from a boll won an AMC movie ticket.

401K Program

At its 2019 convention the Nation Grange passed a resolution giving Granges authority to create 401K programs aimed at the ag community and associated small businesses. Leroy reviewed the program at the Masters’ Conference and is still gathering more input from the states. Masters’ Conference Both Leroy and Joan attended the Masters’ Conference near BWI airport in Maryland. They report that the staff workshops were very well done and appreciated by the participants. Joan pointed out that arranging the state breakout sessions by number of locals in a state resulted in topics and discussions that were very relevant.

Dictionary Project

Potomac Grange will again do the dictionary project. Joan and Jessie are looking at various dictionaries and identifying schools in each quadrant of the city.


Rachel Watson has finished her winter track program and is getting ready for the outdoor season. She runs hurdles and has recently taken up the pole vault.

There were no Grangers in need or distress and the meeting adjourned at 12:45.

Respectfully Submitted,

Richard Weiss, Secretary