About Us

Plumsteadville Grange was founded in 1917. We are a family-friendly organization, open to all with an appreciation of rural living and community spirit. Our organization is non-denominational and non-partisan.

Community Granges such as this one, are part of a wider Grange community, including the Pennsylvania State Grange and the National Grange.

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Please welcome the 2024 Officers:
President – Jane Birk
VP/Overseer – Julia Kraut
Gatekeeper – Sheila Wiltshire
Treasurer – Nancy Young
Chaplain – Tony Townsend
Lecturer – Dr. James Diamond
Steward – Donald Steeley
Asst. Steward – Mike Wiltshire
Lady Asst. Steward – Meg Lomax
Secretary – Becky Kraut
Graces – Diane Reshetar, Amanda Penecale, Kaitlyn Gilbert

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