March 2014 Newsletter

March 12, 2014 – Plumsteadville Grange

  • Monthly Meeting – 7:30 p.m. at the Grange Hall
  • Program – Julie Fagan, from Bucks County PA Strong, a community exchange network. For more info visit their website

April 9, 2014 – Plumsteadville Grange

  • Monthly Meeting – 7:30 p.m. at the Grange Hall
  • Draping of the Charter in memory of Brother Harold Steeley
  • Program to be announced

From the Master’s Desk

It is my sad duty to report that Brother Harold L. Steeley died suddenly on Sunday 16 February 2014. He was 85 years old and was married to Ruth A. (Chelton) Steeley for 58 years. Brother Harold was born in Tinicum Township and was a son of the late Raymond and Hattie (Geho) Steeley who were also long time members of Plumsteadville Grange. Harold was a 1946 graduate of Nockamixon High School and became a dairy and crop farmer, working the family farm in Tinicum Township until 1987. He then worked for the Moyer’s (Chicks) Hatchery, Quakertown, PA, for over 20 years until retiring in 2012.

The Grange was important to Brother Steeley’s life. He joined the Plumsteadville Grange #1738 in 1945 and met Ruth at Pennsylvania State Grange Session in Williamsport, PA in 1952. Harold and Ruth were married in 1955 and shortly afterwards Ruth joined Plumsteadville Grange by demit that same year. They have one son (Donald) and one daughter (Jane) who are both loyal members of Plumsteadville Grange. Both Harold and Ruth have been 7th Degree members for over 50 years. Harold was named Granger of the Year at the 2000 Pennsylvania State Grange Session. In addition he was Master, Overseer, Gatekeeper, Steward and Assistant Steward at Plumsteadville Grange. He also served as Master, Overseer and Lecturer of Bucks Pomona Grange, served as Deputy to the State Master and served on various State Grange Committees under the leadership of six State Grange Masters. In addition Harold and Ruth have coordinated and served many many Plumsteadville Grange dinners. The Grange has been a significant component of their many years together.

In addition to the Grange, Brother Steeley was a member of Solomon’s United Church of Christ, Bedminster where he served on the Church Consistory, taught Sunday school and sang in the Church Choir for many years. He was an active member of the Bucks County Beekeepers Association, the Bucks County Farm Bureau and a member of the Knights of the Golden Eagle, Kellers Church, PA.

Ellen Elaine Crooke Scholarships 2014

Sponsored by Plumsteadville Grange Deadline May 1st 2014

  • Scholarships for 4H members, alumni, and children of Plumsteadville Grange Members
  • Two scholarships of $500 each will be offered. One will be Agriculture related and one will be for a study of the student’s choice.
  • Students can reapply for study year 2 if they have maintained a grade point average of 2.5 or above, but they will compete with new students applying for year 1.
  • Agriculture students may apply in year 2 for a subject of their choice.
  • Students to apply to Plumsteadville Grange on the 4H/Plumsteadville Grange application form available from Nancy Stephenson at the county Extension office.

A Sincere Thank-you.

The entire Steeley family would like to thank all of the Plumsteadville Grangers and Grange friends who expressed their sorrow for our sudden loss, as well as the outpouring of concern, cards, kind words, actions and assistance during this very difficult time.

The Grange has been an ever-present aspect of our lives, and it seemed everyone loved “our Harold”. We are grateful for your support, and are honored to count you as friends. With sincere and heartfelt thanks,

Ruth Steeley, Donald & Patti Steeley, Jane & Mike Birk, Denise Conner, Donald & David Steeley

Danboro 4-H Celebrates 80 Years

Danboro is celebrating 80 years in 2014! We would like to record some of the history of the club and are asking the Plumsteadville Grange members, who were members or leaders, to give us stories about the club’s past. It is written in the official Bucks County 4-H History Books that “Danboro 4-H Club started in 1934 and still exists to day and that the Gross and Crooke families are still involved with it today” but we don’t have anything more specific. We are interested in the projects taken, activities, events, and other stories. It would be nice to see what happened then and what we do today. Personally I will have been a leader of the club for the past 15 years and can only record recent history.

If anyone wants to share about other 4-H clubs such as the Unami 4-H Club, we probably could use their stories as well. Bucks County will be celebrating their 100 years of 4-H in the next couple of years and it would be helpful to record these stories. Any submissions will be welcomed.

Thank you Plumsteadville Grange for supporting the Danboro 4-H Club and the Bucks County 4-H program.              Linda Ochoco

 From the Desk of Marguerite Quinn

State Representative, 143rd Legislative District

Solving the State Budget

The process of finalizing a state budget is complicated, and it’s a responsibility that is not taken lightly by state legislators. The General Assembly’s work began work in February, when Gov. Tom Corbett delivered his 29.4 billion budget proposal. The governor laid out his highlights for what he believes will be a balanced and successful budget for the people of our commonwealth.

Of course, this is only a proposed budget, and in my seven years in the House no budget proposal ever became the final budget. In the weeks after the Governor’s budget address, the House and Senate Appropriations Committees have analyzed figures, held hearings, and for the first time ever, accepted public comments through, and used these comments in budget negotiation hearings.

Some highlights from the governor’s proposal include:

  • $10.3 billion for pre-K through 12th -grade funding, the most in Pennsylvania history.
  • $25 million in “Ready to Succeed” higher education scholarships distributed through PHEAA. (Based on House Bill 1213 which I introduced in 2013.)
  • $5.5 million increase in Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) funding, enough to provide coverage for more than 10,000 children in Pennsylvania.

The commonwealth’s fiscal year begins July 1, so it is very important that a new budget is signed into law prior to that. In the last three years, the budget was signed into law on June 30. I anticipate that we will have an on time budget again this year. These are enormous undertakings that will have an enormous impact on our state’s budget. In his budget address, the Governor re-affirmed his commitment to privatizing the state store system and to implementing changes to public sector pensions.

I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House and Senate over the next few weeks to finalize and pass a budget that reflects our economic situation and equitably addresses our Commonwealth’s priorities and needs.

Grange Display at Doylestown Library

Plumsteadville Grange has been allocated the display case at the Doylestown Library for the month of March. Please take the time to take a look.

Did You Know?

From African Violets to Poinsettias, PA floriculture producers sold nearly $29.3 million worth of potted flowering plants in 2012.

Maple trees are often tapped with two or three plastic or steel spikes. PA’s 583,000 taps last year averaged just under a quart of syrup, producing 134,000 gallons.

Plumsteadville Grange Meeting Minutes

The minutes for the February 2014 meeting of the Plumsteadville Grange as recorded for Karen Moss, secretary by Don Moss, are included in their entirety. Plumsteadville Grange #1738 met Wednesday, February 12th at 7:30 pm. Present Men – 6 Women – 4 Total – 10

OPENING: The Grange opening ceremony was led by Jim Diamond, followed by the roll call of officers and committee members. Minutes of the previous meeting of January 2014 were mailed/emailed with the monthly newsletter.

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS: Present – Master Jim Diamond, Overseer Donald Steeley, Assistant Steward Don Moss, Treasurer Jim Lomax, Greeter Katie Graham, Musician Steve Bryne

GUESTS: Karen, Nathan, Ken, and Lydia Adams

PROGRAM: Presented by Lydia Adams of Grandview Rabbitry who raises Polish rabbits.

REPORTS OF COMMITTEES: Agriculture Committee: The Federal Farm Bill has passed.

TREASURER REPORTS: The financial summary compiled by Jim Lomax for the month of January 2014 shows income of $29,492 the bulk of that coming from the yearly payment by the renters of Tyro Hall. $12,000 was transferred to savings. Our expenses for the month were $7,208 with the largest expense being the final payment on the new furnace for the apartment.

NEW BUSINESS: It was reported that the luncheon served on February 7th had 90 paying guests. We will be serving a dinner on February 22nd to the Franklin Company for the Purpose of More Effectively Detecting Horse Thieves and Other Villains.

Fish Fries will resume during Lent and be held every two weeks. Dates being planned are March 7th and 21st, April 11th.

Respectfully submitted, Karen Moss, Secretary.

Monitor Ag Building Roofs to Guard Against Collapse

Farmers should pay particular attention to barn roofs in the wake of severe winter weather. Heavy snow and ice has caused roofs to collapse on at least five ag buildings across PA, trapping and in some cases killing livestock. Particularly dangerous are gently-pitched roofs that make snow more likely to accumulate. (Pennsylvania Department. of Agriculture Weekly Newsletter, 14 February 2014 issue)

A Personal Note …

“I’ve missed the last couple Grange meetings and was a bit slow at getting news. I’m grateful for the new letter that Jane Birk sends out.’

With much caring, Ruth Peters

Wanted to Rent

Tony Warsavage is asking if anyone has a place for rent to his son which would include some acreage or a very large garden. The son and his roommate are horticulture graduates, employed, and also want to have their own garden. Phone number is 215-766-0769.

Members Sick or in Distress

Do not under estimate the power of prayer. Please keep the following Plumsteadville Grange members and Grange friends in your prayers:

  • Betty Diamond
  • Lillian Shull
  • Margaret Moyer
  • Harold Keeler & family
  • Family of Raymond Gross
  • Family of Harold Steeley


If you have something to share in the newsletter, or to get it via email, please contact Jane Birk at
610-657-7668 or [email protected].


Fish, fries, Salads, Coleslaw, Dessert


FRIDAY March 7th
5 to 7pm

Adults $8 under 12 years $5

benefit the Doylestown Intermediate Unit for deaf children

Jim Lomax 215 766 9801

Fish Fry Dinners to Continue Through Lent

Fish Fry Dinners will be held on the following dates:

  • March 21
  • April 11

Mark your calendars and plan to attend.

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Use of the Grange Hall

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