About the Grange

The Grange community consists of 150,000
members in 1,700 local chapters across the nation
that each serve as the center of rural life in their
farming communities. Each local chapter offers a
wide range of locally oriented programs and
activities like potluck dinners, annual Grange
fairs, and community service events.
This charitable work is often the focus at local
Granges with members giving thousands of
volunteer hours and raising millions of dollars for
important causes. Through this outreach, Granges
help improve the lives of their own members and
of neighbors in their rural communities. Whether
by helping a neighbor in need or by organizing a
bake sale to raise money for a local school,
Grange members will be there serving their
The Grange is for the whole family. With Junior
Grange and Grange Youth, anyone over age four
has a place in the Grange. These young members
conduct their own meetings, learn about
leadership and service, and participate in fun
activities. The Grange is for everyone!