The Bellview Food Forest
A partnership between Bellview Grange, Bellview Elementary School, the Ashland School Foundation, and the Global Tree Initiative

A big thank you to all of our donors. Please enjoy the fruits of your investment in action.

Here’s a peak into our Food Forest education program. Click on the images to learn more about our work.

2022-2023 Half Year Photo Journal

Year two is off to a great start with the Food Forest outdoor education program engaging two Bellview Elementary 5th-grade classrooms. So far, we delivered 4 student workshops and hosted 3 Grange activities.

What is a Food Forest? Student workshop.

Grange activity. Members collected 50 cups of Elderberries from Grizzly Peak for use in the Medicinal Plants workshop: How to make elderberry syrup.  This workshop has been re-scheduled from Dec to February. 

Seed Biology  student workshop

While the field trip was postponed to the spring, we were able to bring the seed workshop to the students. Students learned about grains being grown in the Rogue Valley, thanks to Chris Hardy from Hardy Seeds. And were able to experience winnowing and threshing different grains. And, then tasting Amaranth Cane (tastes like sugar cane).

Understanding Food Waste student workshop; presented by Flavia Franco from Southern Oregon Food Solutions. Resulting in students collecting 2 weeks of food waste from their school lunches to make their own compost for the Living Soil unit.  

Grange volunteers edited a Food Forest music video from last year’s program.

Living Soil part 1, student workshop
Made a cold compost with leaves, manure, and food waste. Mulched the Food Forest. Explored living soil under a microscope.

Grange members held a work party to prepare for the students.  Including a leave drop off for the community to contribute.

Grange members began building the new School Greenhouse for use this spring:

Coming Up Next:
January:  Water workshop
February: How to Make Elderberry Syrup 
March:  Pollinator Project workshop
Feb – May: Cycle of Life Plant workshop – From seed to marketplace to compost

April: Earth Day Celebration –  Plans are in discussion between Grange members and Bellview Elementary School for a community 2024 Earth Day event.

Julie Caldwell
Project Coordinator
Bellview Food Forest