We are very proud to announce that Ammadamast Grange #379 won the 2013 State Grange contest for the most new members!  We were presented with a check for $225!!!  The contest was judged by ‘net gain’ that not only counted new members but deducted exiting members.

The results were published on the state site at: http://mainestategrange.org/?p=6679

Membership Contest winners have been announced as follows:

1st Ammadamast #379 Net Gain of 8 –  $225.00
2nd Franklin #124 Net Gain of 6 – $150.00
3rd Norway #45 Net Gain of 5 – $125.00
4th Halcyon #345 Net Gain of 4 $100.00
4th Huntoon Hill # 398 Net Gain of 4 $100.00

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