Washington-Yamhill Pomona Grange #2 meets on the 3rd Saturday of January, April, July, & October at 10 am with lunch served by host Grange for $5 per person. See Meeting Schedule for dates and locations.

Good of the Order meetings are held the 3rd Saturday of February, May, September, & November from 10 am to noon.  The host Grange serves light refreshments. See Meeting Schedule for dates and locations.

NEW! Our Deaf Awareness and Family Health Chair Theresa Thorud has written issues on mental health, dementia, and cancer.  In fact she’s on a roll and writing so many issues that they have moved to their own page.  See Family Health Newsletters.

Our Pomona includes these ten Granges in Washington County:
Hillsboro #73
Tigard #148
Winona #271
Forest Grove #282
Washington #313
Scholls #338
Leedy #339
Kinton #562
Aloha #773
Dixie Mountain #860

Two in Yamhill County:
McMinnville #31
Fernwood #770

Pomona News
Thanks to Theresa Thorud and Peggy Ivy of Washington Grange for producing a newsletter with information about what Granges in Washington-Yamhill Pomona are doing.