Grange Hall Images

Here are some images of the Walterville Grange Hall in an empty condition to help you determine if this will work for your wedding, party, family reunion, or whatever else you may want to do. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit, please call Galen Momb at 541-747-9297. Click on any image to see a larger version!

Entry Way
Looking down the entryway into the Grange. Door straight ahead is the main door in. Door to the left of that is the entrance into the Kitchen area.
This is the front of the Kitchen area. Stove, two sinks, microwave and lots of counter space visible the image. Refrigerator is on the right, just out of view.
Dining Room
Dining area with three long tables, seven diners per side for a total of 42 spots. Dining can be moved out into the main area if more space is required. See image below.
This is looking out into the Main Hall down towards the back. You can see the huge amount of space for about any event you would like to present. Tables and chairs are available to fill this area also.
This is the Main Hall area also, but this view is from the back of the hall, looking towards the Stage at the front.
Close-up view of the Stage area. Make speeches or presentations from here. Weddings or your own play would be excellent from this spot!