June Newsletter 2021


June is upon us real soon.  It was voted at the May meeting to hold a picnic on our regular meeting date in June which would by June 8th. Usually, the membership has time to select an individual which fits the bill.  In addition, a non-member is selected to be recognized by Flora members as an outstanding individual.  However, there will not be enough time to select these two people and then make a certificate of some sort before I need to include it in the Community Service Report.  I have a couple of individuals in mind and without stating who they are, I invite you to contact me and I will share my choices.  If there are no disagreementswe can continue with the choices and make the recognition official including the certificate and celebration at the picnic.  I hope to hear from many of you by text or phone   815-222-6173.  

Members are encouraged to bring two dishes to pass.  There were several paper products left from the last picnic so I would think we could use them. I am trying to get the youth to provide some sort of game similar to last year’s games.  They might come up with something entirely different.  Who Knows!   We love their input and await their ideas.

The quilters are planning on making the Memorial Day Weekend a sewing event at the hall, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 9-3.  For more information call Emalee

Remember to take pictures before and after any community service project.   Keep track of hours performing the community service and send me the information.  There is plenty of painting to be done at the fairgrounds.  Call me if you are available and want to help with that project.

I have been in contact with JoEllen Coleman and Mary Haribson.  Penny Beres, a member of Flora Grange is planning on being in charge ofthe breakfast stand Tuesday and Saturday of the fair.  Flora Grange will also be serving the Ham dinner on Thursday.  If you can help in any way, please let me know and what job you prefer to do, especially in the breakfast stand. We need you to help wherever you feel comfortable.  I will be circulating a paper at the next meeting so Penny can get an idea of the number of helpers. 

2021 Boone County Fair Books are available.  PLEASE let Jack or me know and we will see that you receive a book.  Jack has at least 75 books right now, so please call.

The Crops are growing –

The Temperatures are rising –

The Boone County Fair is preparing

The Days are Flying –



March Newsletter 2021.


As of this minute, Flora Grange is planning on holding a regular meeting at the Grange Hall but making it a chicken soup and/or chili dues paying supper.   It is hoped that those attending would provide deserts and crackers.  We will begin eating at 6:15p.m.  There is a lot to decide upon as well as a lot to discuss.  Please bring your mask, practice social distancing, and enjoy the evening.  

I am so happy to let you know that our Master/President, Al is at home doing really well,  eating his wife’s cooking,  gaining weight,  surprising medical personnel, and acting like the Al we all know.  Thank you for your prayers.  

Hope to see you March 9th.