If you are interested in renting the Boring-Damascus Grange, please read the rental policy of the Grange and contact Justin Lazenby, the rental chairman at [email protected] or 503-593-1297. You may check our calendar to see if the hall is available for your event, but the rental chairman will have the most up-to-date information. Also, remember that the Grange prohibits the consumption of alcohol on Grange property.

Download a Rental-Contract-2017 in pdf format

Rental Policy of the Boring-Damascus Grange

Reviewed and Adopted at the November 21, 2006 Grange meeting.

Section 1 – Process, Rent, and Restrictions
1. All renters must sign a contract for their hall usage. Signers of the contract must be legally empowered to act for the organization renting the hall. Signers must disclose the organization or organizations that will be using the hall during the rental period.
2. Rent shall be $250 per day (6 am to 10pm), or as provided in the contract.
3. Rent is due before the event or as provided in the contract.
4. Cleaning, security, and damage deposit shall be $300 and must be paid before the event or as provided in the contract.
5. Deposit shall be returned as quickly as possible following the rental event with the exception of cleaning, security or damages being charged for. Cleaning rate shall be $10 per man hour if done by members or actual cost if done by a business.
6. The Rental Chair and/or the Master shall use the hall inspection form for all single use rentals and shall work with the multiple use renters to ensure hall maintenance is kept up.
7. No parties shall be allowed in the Grange hall except for Grange members, local businesses, and local organizations. Parties include but are not limited to, having a professional DJ or live music for dancing. Parties do not include family gatherings and celebrations unless they include a DJ or live music.

Section 2 – Authority
8. The rental chair can not alter the policy or contract without getting approval from the Grange or Executive Committee.
9. The Grange can amend or revise the policy or contract at any regular meeting.
10. The Executive Committee can approve one time changes in the policy or contract between meetings.
11. Violation of the terms in the contract or rental policy will terminate the rental and the Rental Chair and/or the Master will end the event or activity at the Grange by the best means possible.

Section 3 – Member and Community Use
12. Each Grange member (both regular and associate) shall be allowed one free hall usage for non-commercial events, but no political events.
13. Community nonprofit youth organizations shall be allowed use of the hall free of charge for non-commercial events. Examples: Scouts, 4-H.
14. Nonprofit community and governmental groups such as Boring CPO, City of Damascus, and elected representatives shall be allowed use of the hall free of charge for non-commercial or non-partisan events.
15. The Grange will not rent to anyone for partisan political events or activities or for any political event or activity that is contrary to established Grange Policy. Nor may any organization or its agents rent the hall for purposes contrary to established Grange Policy.