Washington-Yamhill Pomona Grange #2 meets on the 4th Saturday of January, April, July, & October at 10 am with lunch served by host Grange for $5 per person. See Meeting Schedule for dates and locations.

Good of the Order meetings are held the 4th Saturday of February, May, September, & November from 10 am to noon.  The host Grange serves light refreshments. See Meeting Schedule for dates and locations.

Our Pomona includes these ten Granges in Washington County:
Hillsboro #73
Tigard #148
Winona #271
Forest Grove #282
Washington #313
Scholls #338
Leedy #339
Kinton #562
Aloha #773
Dixie Mountain #860

Two in Yamhill County:
McMinnville #31
Fernwood #770

Pomona News
Thanks to Theresa Thorud and Peggy Ivy of Washington Grange for producing a newsletter with information about what Granges in Washington-Yamhill Pomona are doing.