Thank you!

We had an absolutely amazing showing for our annual Burger Booth at the Stanwood-Camano Fair!  This year we decided to shake things up a little and boy did it look absolutely amazing!  Our volunteers were all dressed in matching t-shirts thanks to the generosity of SNAP! Custom Clothing in Seattle!  We had a new banner and signage as well!  We looked, felt and acted SHARP!  A special thank you to all of our volunteers from the community, the Pomona Grange (Thank you ladies!) and to Bible Baptist Church for so generously stepping in and covering a half day all on their own!  Also for our own Grange members who spent weeks planning and pouring their hearts and time into such a successful event!  Rah, Rah, Rah! Go Stilly 1058!!

We have a nice step forward on fundraising for outreach in the coming year.  But we’re not done yet – keep your eyes posted for out latest and greatest adventures.  Just a couple hints! Halloween is coming….  And another hint… Johnny Cash in concert in San Quentin.  Oh, that wasn’t a hint – we just plain ol’ told you! We’re so excited about this one we can’t hold it in!  And unlike San Quentin when the concert’s over we won’t hold you in!!


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