APRIL IS GRANGE MONTH!  Stelvideo Grange is planning events to celebrate Grange and to make others aware of all the Good Grange Fellowship, Family, & Fun can be!  

April 8th, our next meeting, we will have guest speakers for GRANGE MONTH on DEAF AWARENESS.  Bring snacks and be at normal meeting place at 7:30.  We will discuss a few business things then turn the evening over to Linda Crawford and Jared A.    Bring  family and friends.  

There will also be articles in the newspapers explaining about Grange, giving information, sharing Darke County’s involvement which includes the Youth and the Junior Grange.  

Stelvideo has 3 going to Eastern Regional Youth/Junior Conference in Washington DC during April, Grange Month.  April 4 – 6.  

If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.  



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