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The Grange is a family, community grassroots organization with its roots in agriculture.  Founded in 1867, the Grange was formed as a national organization with a local focus. Our members are given the opportunity to learn and grow to their full potential as citizens and leaders. The family is the base of the organization with full membership beginning at age 14. Women have been equal members since the inception of the Grange. We have a Junior Grange program for children age 5 to 14, that has helped the youngest members of the family learn about community values and citizenship for more than 100 years. Our Grange Youth program develops the leadership skills of our young adults and young married couples ages 15-35.

Our particular grange was organized on October 27th, 1873. This year with be our 140th anniversary! We are looking for passionate individuals to help revive and sustain not only our hall, but community culture for future generations. We are gaining momentum and would like to be able to help our community more but we need your help to do that! Please consider volunteering your time and talents! Become a member, everyone has something helpful to offer and the Grange is a rewarding place to put your talents to work.

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