Welcome to our Grange Web page.  Our Officers for 2016 are:

Master: Joy Barrett

Overseer: Bob Clark

Lecturer: Keith Koehler

Steward: Brian Ellard

Asst. Steward: Fred Grant

Lady Asst. Steward: Casey Becker

Chaplain: Sue Hargrave

Treasurer: Wanda Schneider

Secretary: Loretta Grant

Gate Keeper: Myron Teterud

Ceres: Dorinda Becker

Pomona: Shelly Smith

Flora: Kim Moulson

Executive Committee:                                                                         

1 year: Nancy Hutt 

2 year: Bonnie Hagberg

3 year: David McDaniels

Musician: Helen Bucher

Family Living Chair: Valerie Ellard

Do not forget to check out our other pages while your here. Contact Information – Meeting Times – Events.  Thank you President Joy Barrett

Also Check out the new links in the Events section as well as the News Letter, both will give you access to a PDF file that can be printed.  Thank You Webmaster Keith Koehler