Ponkapoag Grange Secretary Participates in Kelley Farm Experience


Our Secretary in full regalia including a pouch embossed with a plow, waiting for the start of the first degree.

Our Secretary, Corey Spence, served as Assistant Steward for the opening and first degree of the Exemplification of the 1873 Degrees, or joining ceremonies, at the Oliver Hudson Kelley Farm in Elk River, MN. He also sang with the chorus in the second and  third degrees and was a marching candidate in the fourth degree.

He says it was an honor and a joy to serve. “The Grange is an incredible organization and it was so much fun to celebrate our founding ceremonies at the farm of a Grange founder.”

Ponkapoag Grange congratulates all the teams that participated. We were honored and proud to help sponsor the event.

Ponkapoag Grange provided funds to help our Secretary get to Minnesota.

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